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Deepti Beke
Written by Deepti Beke
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There is something about celebrities, that keeps us constantly curious about how they live, how they eat, where do they travel. As we try to follow their style in other areas, I am sure you might also be interested in following them to the end of the world. Hence, the tryst of learning about celebrity travels!

Today, we bring to you some celebrity travel freaks whom I love to follow and are travel inspiration for me!! Check this blog and you will definitely agree

Gul Panag

This is one of the most kickass ladies I’ve come across. She rides bikes, planes and has conquered the unknown terrains. Every weekend she goes for a bike ride and occasionally also for a plane ride. She says that if she could just take the plane out and go, she would have done it every weekend.

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Weekends are for riding. And reflecting on what the week has been like and how I’m going to take on the coming week. I find riding the 2nd easiest way to clear my head. The first is flying – but I don’t, as yet, have the means to just ‘take out my plane ‘ and go fly.💁🏻‍♀️ I can however, ‘take out my bike’ and go ride – while the weather is still cooperating. I want to use this opportunity to remind all those riders out there, to never ever, ever, ride without a helmet and closed shoes. And the helmet should ideally be ‘full face ‘. Speaking of helmets- have you checked out the new @vardenchi & @vegahelmets collaboration ? If not head to motorcycling heaven- with helmets and much much more! Back to riding- I’m often asked where I go riding . The answer is anywhere and everywhere. I use the bike to simply get around . Go run errands. Meet friends, etc. I don’t need to ‘go on a trip’ to ride. Just like you don’t need to go to a place of worship to pray – you can pray where you are ! Ok, maybe that’s not the best analogy!🙈 Btw a new bike is joining the stable soon. Any guesses? Also, what are you guys doing this weekend? #weekend #saturday #saturdayvibes #biker #motorcycle #motorcyclist #instabike #triumph #triumphbonneville #t120

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So cool, right?


Parineeti Chopra:

If Gul Panag is a #avgeek, meet a girl who claims herself to be a water baby! Check her Instagram and you will find many posts on her diving and the videos are just so beautiful! As they say, Heaven is definitely under the sea!

Check this video in the beautiful Maldives:

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I was privileged to experience my first dive 5 years ago. Since that time, a limitless, beautiful and pristine world has opened up for me. Every 3 months, my heart starts twitching for another adventure. I pick the most beautiful waters of the world, fly there, wear my wet suit and just jump in! However I have seen and felt a change within these 5 years. I visited reefs I have loved before, to see the gorgeousness again, and realised how much had changed. Reefs have bleached and died, resident fish have migrated or disappeared, and what used to be colourful reefs teeming with life are now ghostowns. The speed at which the planet is changing is alarming. And a huge part of the reason is human use of plastic. I have done dives where I have seen Cola cans, plastic bottles and plastic bags lying where there should be beautiful sand. It breaks my heart to know that humans are doing this to their own homes. Voiceless marine animals are dying due to no fault of their own. I urge everyone to STOP THIS. Stop this torture. We can easily live a life without plastic. We are an intelligent race, capable of finding alternatives, and it will make no difference to us!! But this small change will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE to the poor marine animals. MAKE THE CHANGE. Ultimately, we are saving our own home. 💙🌊🐠🐳 @paditv @petaking @homster @scubanees

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Check this beautiful video at Queensland, Australia

She says that her heart aches to go to some diving destination every three months and off, she goes!

Lisa Haydon:

Her Instagram handle is full of travel stories. She has a kid and she also takes him along with her. All those who say they cannot travel because they have kids, guys, please take a leaf out of this woman’s life ambitions!

Check this beautiful photo of Iceland. Don’t you feel like going there right away!

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And the beautiful St Moritz…

And the video of skiing in Gstaad…

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Hitting those bunny slopes harrrd 😋❄️⛷🎄

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And this video of water surfing at St Topez. It’s not that easy as it seems to be…

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Check this beautiful photo of her with her baby. Nothing can stop a true traveler to travel!

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Sachin Tendulkar:

He needs no introduction. As they say Bass naam hi kafi hai. This guy loves to go to offbeat places. He travels with his family and we occasionally get to see their travel stories even on TV.


Just see this video of a fan who meets him in a far off place in Himachal Pradesh:

And the family travels to Vatican City…

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In Vatican City

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Milind Soman:

This man still makes me go weak in my knees. Oh Gosh! He is just so handsome! His urge for fitness and especially running drives me crazy. When on airports he asks people to do push-ups to get a selfie with him. Inspiring, isn’t it?

When he’s not running, or inspiring others to go for running, he keeps himself on his toes with traveling and also treks a lot. Check this photo of his from a recent trek…

Check this video shot in Athens, Greece…

And what are you looking at in the photo, at Milind Soman or the beauty behind!

Which celebrity do you follow for their travel stories? Who are the ones who inspire you to travel?

Do let us know!!

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