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Travel learnings from Covid-19

Travel learnings from Covid-19
Deepti Beke
Written by Deepti Beke
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With the start of lockdown 2.0, world seems to have come to a standstill. Coronavirus has made sure that we stay at home and learn the virtue of small things in our lives. Learn to value simple things such as sit at home, spend time with our family, do our daily chores, cook for ourselves and learn some patience.

Travel industry was on a surge before coronovirus hit with the boom boosted by travel influencers and travel youtubers. Now it has suffered maximum losses with cancellation of flights, stay arrangements and travel plans.

Travel experts are expecting that the travel industry would bounce back even stronger after the Coronavirus crisis ends. Because people who have been locked in their homes would yearn to get back to travel. However, opening up the restrictions on borders will take time.

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This are the travel learnings from the pandemic, if we are ready to learn –

Travel Learnings from Covid-19:

1. Seize the day:

We tend to plan so much that we lose today yearning for a better tomorrow. What Coronavirus has taught us to seize the day. My mom had a strong desire to visit Europe and she did it last year. If she had waited for this year, then it would have been cancelled. The time to do things is today. do not postpone it for some future date!

2. Travel can be virtual:

We all have been missing travel, but then these virtual reality videos and live cams came into limelight. Now we have many icons and cities of the world at our fingertips. Of course we cannot compare them to the real things, but we can still experience the grandeur and feel awed!

3. Travel Responsibly:

What the world has seen and learnt out of the pandemic is that we have abused our nature a lot. With most of the countries in lockdown, the animals and birds are seen to be regaining their spaces. What we can do is when we travel is to travel responsibly. Do not litter, keep safe distance from animals, maintain the sanctity of the place and do not overcrowd. Let the earth breathe. Let the animals enjoy their space. Learn to coexist!

4. Travel local:

The most that have suffered in this is the local tourism industry.There are so many people and so many states in India that are dependent on tourism.Lets visit them first,buy local stuff, encourage the craftsman and make them gain back their livelihood.Also when you travel local, you can travel in your own car and avoid the crowds in flights,trains and buses thus avoiding chances of infection. Travel experts say that with the economy also in recession,people would prefer short weekend trips over long vacations thus encouraging local tourism.

5. Climate change should be treated as seriously as Covid 19

As we recently celebrated 50th Earth Day 2020, we have realised social distancing and lockdown due to Covid 19 is giving us positive results from climate change perspective. We are proving that we have that ability to make drastic changes if it requires.

Although we are reeling from losses due to lockdown, we are also forced by Mother Nature to stop and observe, realign and restart and not make same mistakes again. While we are experiencing social distancing, people are coming closer emotionally.

Lets all sail together through these tough times and one day we will live to travel again!

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