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USA Travel Series – Top things to do in Los Angeles

Top things to do in Los Angeles
Written by Neha
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Ticket to Hollywood…Ticket to Hollywood.. Our travel blogger Neha was humming this song the last time I talked to her. She was pretty excited about her trip to Los Angeles! And why shouldn’t she be! After all, her parents had come to the US and it was her trip with her parents after a really long time. She had planned it in detail and wanted it to be a perfect tour for her parents. She also mentioned reading my blog on Harry Potter and the Warner Bros studios and adding it to her list on the LA trip. That’s when she thought of making a vlog for top things to do in Los Angeles!

Things to do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles or LA is the 2nd most populated city in United States of America after New York. You would get a quirky, bohemian vibe in this city. This place is pretty famous and touristy especially because of its Hollywood connection. There are many places in the city which are  celebrities favorite hangout places like Beyonce’s favorite eatery or a gym where Arnold Schwarzenegger worked out! The city has a lot to offer and you must plan at least a 3 day trip to LA.

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Taste of Hollywood in Los Angeles

Neha visited the most famous Hollywood sign, traveled into the world of movies at the Universal studios. Being a true Harry Potter fan, she also visited the Warner Bros studios. She got the taste of Hollywood culture at the Venice Beach. She visited the Griffith Observatory which as many of you know was seen in the movie La La Land!

We would love to hear from Neha the details of her trip to LA and all the planning that she had done. Just watch this beautiful video prepared by her!

Did you like Neha’s travel story? Have you been to Los Angeles yourself? We would love to hear your stories, especially if there are any drunken ones! 😀 Don’t forget to use the hashtags #traveltuesdays # femmefiesta & #metime, when commenting!

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Happy traveling, folks!

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