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This Mother’s Day-Put In Efforts – make these crafty cards!

Written by Shruti
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MOM! A less of a word and more of an emotion!

The ultimate supporter when in distress, the coziest lap to rest on, the doctor to rescue and a number of thankless duties which make our world a beautiful place to live!

While we are super busy with our own castle of troubles and a superb life of ours; let’s not forget the lady who put in the real life to our lives!

Amidst all the chaos of our business, let’s find time to appreciate her being and making it all special. And with Mother’s Day falling on the 2nd Sunday of the month of May; brings you this beautiful opportunity to weave in a warm blanket of cards for your mothers!

Here is a list of easy to make cards you can try your hands at;

1. The Quilling Card

Paper Quilling is an art and this Mother’s Day master it! Winks!

With amazing designs on display on the internet, this card will test your true patience; But make this worth a while!!

If you have enough time; go in for this piece of beauty!!

2. The Magic Card

An old wedding invite, colorful sketch pens and you are done!!

A 7-minute effort with the handy raw material will be make a big crafty card surprise to Mom!

You can go up the scale by adding your individual creativity too!

3. The Floral Card

For those who would love to stick with a traditional beautiful card, it one is for you!

The pink floral card will only make her day rosy and blush with a smile!

Pour in a few words of love and see the sparkle in her eyes!

4. The Weaving Card

Another beauty to gift on this special day!

Paper Weaving technique not only adds a beautiful texture to the card but also makes it appear stunning!

Weave a card of her favorite color and leave the card talking!

5. The Note Card

If all you want to do is communicate is your feelings; this crafty card will be the best!

With minimum efforts on the décor and more emphasis on your writing, this card will only make your work quick and simple with your letter doing the talking.

6. The Fancy Purse Envelope Card

Another mind-blowing idea of gifting a card!

This one will definitely make her go wow!!

You can also add a few more of these cards and keep them up hidden in her wardrobe!!

7. The Pop-Up Card

This Mother’s Day gift her your heart and this pop-up card is perfect for the glow!

This 15-min hand-craft is bound to steal her heart!

Watch this simple DIY.

Girls, grab this opportunity to make her feel on the top of her world!!

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