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This Diwali season, choose the right workout for your body

Nisha Joshi
Written by Nisha Joshi
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So, the festival season is here. It is just so difficult to watch those calories when the delicious sweets and the yummy chaklis and chiwda are making your mouth water. They are sinful, no doubt, but it’s only once a year, you console yourself. As you feast on those sinful delights, you promise to workout harder to reduce the extra calories.

After the festival, you do start exercising, but cannot seem to lose those extra inches. But did you know that each body type requires different types of exercises? Let’s see what exercise suits which body type:

1. ​Pear shaped body

​Your bottom is a bit wider than your top. You will have a harder time toning your arms and shoulders. Most often, pear bodies obsess about reducing their lower body by doing lunges and leg lifts. But you also need to concentrate equally on your upper body. Do intensive cardio with 90 second intervals. Exert your maximum effort for 45 seconds at a time. Increase both effort time and interval time gradually. Lift off lunges with dumbbells, scissors jump, push-ups, leg raise, curls and presses, and ball exercises will help you tone your total body and burn calories. A high protein diet, with generous addition of dryfruits will aid you in toning up your body more effectively.

2. ​Straight body

​You have little or no curves. You are few of the lucky ones who don’t gain weight even after eating heavy foods. You can wear anything you like, but a swimsuit or bikini will not flatter your body. But you can add shape to your waist and develop your glutes by doing certain exercises. You can do liftoff lunges, mermaid (similar to side planks), push-ups, leg raises, ball exercises, crunches, stacked push-ups, squats, overhead presses, and plyo planks to build up your muscles and add a few curves to your body.

3. Curvy body

​Curvy bodied women like Beyonce look beautiful in a bikini. When such people gain weight, it tends to be all over. But they usually lack muscle tone. When you wish to lose your calories, without proper exercises, you can run the risk of looking limp or your thighs and upper arms popping out. You should follow a routine of liftoff lunges, mermaids, push-ups and leg raises and ball exercises like other body types. Additionally, you can do tai chi lunges, glute bridges with triceps extensions, lateral step ups, and side planks with bent knee to develop overall body muscle mass.

4. ​Athletic body

Athletic body types have a broad back and shoulders and are narrow at the hips. They have short and thick waists and have square silhouettes. They have a lower ratio of fat to muscle than curvy or pear shaped bodies. If your body matches this description, you do not need much toning. You have already been blessed with a great body. But you may find it difficult to find readymade blouses for lehengas, as the skirt may match your height perfectly, but the blouse will have to be stretched a lot across your chest to fit.
​You need some tummy tightening exercises and lower body exercises that shape the thighs and glutes and give your hip a tuck for a sexy silhouette. Curtsy lunge with front raise, swivel squats, tip and row, alternating side lunge, liftoff lunges, mermaid, push-ups, leg raises, and ball exercises are the best exercises for you to add a nip to your waist and give you a flat tummy to die for.
These exercises need routine and diligence. But trust us, you won’t regret doing these. Recognize your body shape and do the corresponding exercises for maximum impact. A correct diet along with these exercises increases the effectiveness of the exercises.

Do you have an exercise routine? Share it with us.

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