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Self care in spite of no time, more responsibility and less money!

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I was very disturbed when I read this article, where a single mom thinks is self care is over rated and just not worth it. I really worry about the circumstances through which she might be going and what made her think that her own care is just not worth the hastle! My dear gal friends, it is totally worth it. Me-time and self care does not need any money or extra time in the day or guilt conscience for leaving your kid alone. No! You can achieve self care with just a little more effort and creativity in your existing lifestyle.

Here are few simple fun activities you can undertake in your time with your kid –

1. Unplug during nap time

You can squeeze in some time for yourself and self care during morning and evening nap times of your kid, presuming you might be working during the day. Completely unplug during this time – say no to tv or mobile. You will find out the things you actually love to do during these peace hours. It might be reading, colouring, crafting, sewing, knitting or cooking! Anything other than use of mobiles or tv! Early morning me time can be refreshing too! Self discover yourself during this time!

2. Visit to a grocery store

Visit to a new grocery store with your kid. Hand him a crayon and ask him to strike off items from your grocery list. End this date with a nice cup of coffee for yourself and cupcake for your little one! I am sure he will be delighted! This way your job gets done and the two of you have a great outing together.

3. Movie time with kid

You can find out different movies those you can enjoy with your kid. Make a tub of popcorn and a pitcher of lemonade. Enjoy some downtime with quiet relaxing movies. We have a list for your here!

4. Read a book with your kid

Similarly you can read a book with your kid. I find myself drawn to some mythological or ancient history books which I can read with my kids. You can find out your own liking and read those books to your kids. Turning it into a ritual before going to bed ensures that you actually do it daily. Even when you forget, your kid reminds you about it.

5. Origami with kids

Have you ever tried doing Origami? Its a perfect kind of me-time. Doing it with kids just makes it so much more fun. If you like, you can do any other craft activity with your kids. Children love helping out in these activities. Especially if you are doing it as a part of festival planning activity.

6. Turn household chores into game

Have you tried turning household chores into fun activities and games? You can turn rolling chapatis into a game of building clay figures? Or Getting rid of mess in the house can be clubbed with a game of hide and seek. OF course the chores may take a bit more time than usual but at least you are not bored at the end of it. It also gets the job done without you feeling that you are the only one doing everything.

7. Go for a walk with your kids

Fitness combined into a fun activity! Walking has many health advantages. You can take it up regularly depending on the weather conditions. You can have a walk bingo with your kid. Ask him to strike off things he sees during walk. Or if you take him to a nearby hill for a short hike, he can collect things from nature to paste in his nature book. You can paste some in your journal too.

8. Make a fun snack together

You can plan and make fun snacks together. Me and my kids make Maggie or Nutella sandwiches – totally yum! You get to spend some quality time together and you end up eating your favourite food!

9. Dance to your favourite tunes

Put on some great music and dance your heart out. You will find a great dancing partner with your kid! You can even sing and turn it into a rockstar concert!!

10. Maintain a daily journal

After you wind down from your daily routine, take 10 minutes to write in your journal. You can write about your day – good or bad, new experiences, new people, new places, different challenges, etc. Do not forget to write about at least 3 things you are grateful for that day.

Simple, aren’t they? Do they need money ? No! Do they need extra time chopped off from your schedule? Not much. Then why not take a little extra effort and give yourself some extra time with going down the guilt lane! So moms, why wait for someone else to do it? Make self care your own responsibility!

Happy self caring!

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