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Quick Me-Time Ideas for those busy mornings

quick me-time ideas for those busy mornings
Written by Shruti
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We all need those mini breaks amidst the chaos of life, a bragging career and personal life. Quick me-time in that not so busy life is a necessity. A special time carved out for yourself before you step out of your home to greet the outside world with a fresh you. What if we give you some quick me-time ideas to enjoy your own company while you declutter your life and relax? Amazing, ain’t it?

We have a list of a simple morning rituals you can follow to make some space for yourself in that work-life balance era. Take these curated mini breaks to feel fresh and feel yourself before you commit to work once again!

Quick me-time for those busy mornings

1. Gardening

Greenery adds on freshness to our eyes and it’s true. Set your daily 5 minutes to step into your balcony as you water your plants and sit in their company till you keep your bucket filling in the bathroom!

Try this not-at-all fussy me-time, before your busy morning kicks in!

Quick Me-Time Ideas for those busy mornings

2. Oil Massage

That maa ke hath ki champi might be impossible to manage owing to your work commitments and city distances. So, take that 20 min break while you relax in front of the television and have a hot oil champi for yourself!

It helps you to get deep sleep and feel refreshed to face the busy mornings the next day! Best kind of me-time ever!

3. Kitchen Facepack

Tired to book a salon appointment and to take that effort to make your home facial happen? No worries!

Pamper your face in your early morning me-time at home. Take all those vegetable peels on the kitchen platform and scrub them across your face.

You can also try applying quick scrub and face mask after you brush your teeth. Enjoy a bit of self pampering while you sip tea and browse through the newspaper.

Quick Me-Time Ideas for those busy mornings

4. Mobile Detox

Because you need it! Even if you can’t do it for the entire day, try to do it in the mornings.

Divert your mind from your office emails and WhatsApp chats as you spend time in the early mornings reading your favorite book or newspaper. Distance yourself from that handy gadget keeping it in the other room! Take this time to yourself before you lose yourself in your busy day.

Fall in love with yourself girls as you are on a date with yourself!

5. A Warm Water Pedicure

You don’t need a parlor to give your tired feet a break! Just take a warm water bucket with rock salt and your favorite shampoo as you have the best pedicure at your doorstep! You can squeeze this pedicure with your bath time or in the early morning me-time when everyone else is sleeping. Doesn’t that sound just heaven?!!

Girls, get going to fetch that wonderful me time with these quick me time ideas!

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