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Just Had A Baby? Instill These Habits To Keep The Spark Alive!

Written by Shruti
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As the cradle caves its place in your bedroom, your world has already swung with a spin of 360 degrees on its tipsy heads!
The transition from being 2 to 3 can be the loveliest thing to have happened with you as a mother but the most challenging thing to have occurred to you as a wife!
Having a baby not only divides you into two halves; difficult to reconcile but also scary to establish a fair ground for you as a couple. Eventually, the doting parents replaces the cuddly couple and the sparks take a backseat.
Before this feeling sinks in between the two of you, try these small gestures to keep the spark alive and love intact!

1. ​Coffee Conversation Nights

​When your day is full with gibberish baby talks, night conversations are magical!
With cool breezes on your side, nothing soothes better than a talk with a loved one at your balcony at nights. A simple hot cup of coffee can wither off those tiresome routines of yours seem wonderful.
Make these coffee conversations an inseparable part of your chaotic lives while you get lost in each other’s eyes like never before!

2. ​Mandatory Meals Together

​Sharing meals while one is diverting the little munchkin to play and the another one gobbling meals in a hurry is a difficult task to add efforts on!
While lunches are difficult to arrange, make it a point to put the baby to sleep before you sit peacefully and have a quiet dinner together.
If dinners are impossible to manage with the little one staying awake all the time, replace the dinners with breakfast. Spending time together is what matters at such times of unintended distances!

3. ​Steal A Day For ‘Just Us’ Time

​A baby diving in the sacred space between the two of you creates all the fuss and running which leaves little or no privacy between you as a couple. Don’t let this happen though!
Steal a few hours in the weekend where the child is put off with the grandparents.
Schedule movie dates, escape for a nice long drive, have those cheeky candle light dinners!
Have a day for yourselves and leave him/her with the grandparents do the caring.

4. ​Night Walks

​Perfect if you are having someone to take care of the little one back home for an hour!
Run down the stairs and stroll around in each other’s company!
Nothing calms down the stress as walking hand in hand with Bae!

5. ​Cuddle, Cuddle and Cuddle…

This becomes the biggest task with the baby lost in its dream right between the two of you!
Don’t let the baby hamper your togetherness to being a couple.
Cuddle as often you can and make the most of your time together snuggling while the little one is fast asleep in his dreams! Winks!

6. ​Keep Hugging Throughout Your Busy Schedule

​Physical anchoring is the most crucial aspect for the newly puzzled parents apart from the emotional support! A hug can restore both!!
While, having a baby at home keeps you distorted and disabled for privacy the entire day long, keep exchanging those heavy hugs every time you get a chance and make every moment count special!

7. ​Enjoy The Baby Sitting Together

​A joint babysitting is often avoided by the couples owing to the never-ending job works to be completed while one of them takes care of the little one!
Avoid this habit!!
Have those cute photo shoots with all the clothes and toys adding as props, cook baby food together, get drenched in water while you bath the baby and team up with the munchkin to play all the cranky games together!
Let lose your hair and get involved in the amazing positive vibes to interact with your partner while the baby watches you two goofing up in his/her toys!!

Ladies, so have you begun to carve out the ‘Us’ Time together?

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