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Ideas to Celebrate the Lockdown with your Family

Celebrate lockdown with your family
Written by Shruti
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It seems this stay at home quarantine might turn into a never-ending game! While couples have already overdone their second honeymoon, singles are still stuck with the family drama with mummy and papa doing the lead directorial roles! In spite of the frustration of not meeting your friends, you have the opportunity to make your family your best friend to mingle and jingle with! While you think how, here are a few amazing ideas to bond with your family other than cooking! Fun ideas to celebrate lockdown with your family no 1!

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Say Cheers To Celebrate The Lockdown With Family no 1!

1. Have A Masking Monday

Home-made scrubs and a nice hair mask while you binge in the latest updates sitting together in peace!

And the best part- include your fathers in too!

His almost first-time experience with a sticky hydration will steal your hearts and seal a day of lockdown!

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2. Play Family Dumb Charades

And not just your family but pull in your extended family too!

Call in for a zoom meeting and get set go!!

You will love this experience of #livelovelaugh!

Celebrate the lockdown with your family

3. Decorate Your Balcony Walls

And turn them to your self-designed walls!

Decide a day to finish all the chores and come together to paint those walls with your favorite colors and patterns, to turn them in sync with plants out there!

Hang up wind chimes and dream catchers! Make your own crafts, to design your own little paradise! This would be the best way to celebrate the lockdown with your family!

4. Have A Drinks Night

Make it a nice cozy drinks night where you open your SOFTDRINKs play jenga!

Trust me, there no special bonding than eating with your family and fighting for that last bite with your siblings!

5. Set up A Quick Salon

Have hair cuts done for each other, arrange family pedicures, turn each other’s skin experts and shower massage love all over!

A family who relaxes together, stays together!

Ladies turn your house into your home this quarantine! Plan these activities to celebrate the lockdown with your family no. 1!

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