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An Open Letter To Every Girl Who Thinks She Is Not Pretty Enough…

Written by Shruti
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Where deep inside you have opened this letter with all insecurities put at rest and positive vibes climbing your brain, your heart still longs for a compliment from people ahead for the not yet amazing features of yours!

And you know what…. It’s perfect; and you didn’t need to be perfect to be called beautiful!!

It’s beautiful to wear yourself and carry the grace in your smile. Not to wear an eyeliner and let your eyes do the talking. And when things don’t seem perfect, remind yourselves, it’s okay to lay perfect in imperfections too!

Each stone is unique in its kind and beautiful for its soul!

Here’s a little note from my heart to yours, you lovely ladies!

1. Beauty Lies In Elegance And Not Your Wealth

You aren’t beautiful because of the money you make or the clothes you wear. Not even the job you have or the designation you carry with fame!

Your beauty is in the way you do and see things. Your beauty lies in the way you smile and sit, the way you hold a bottle or the way you pick out those groceries. It’s the sound of your laughter which makes the real difference, girls!

2. It’s Okay To Be Clumsy And Conquer It All

Make your differences sound your uniqueness!!

Everyone has quirks and life is not on the same roads for all!

It doesn’t matter how people feel about you because a woman who doesn’t need validation from anyone is the most confident of all!

3. Brains Are The New Beauty

Be it your everyday dark spots to the those tiring dark circles which gave a proof of your toiling work-life.

Do you think in the world of nepotism, the dusky queens Priyanka Chopra and Bipasha Basu just wore these creams to get applauds all around Bollywood?

Chuk this beauty cream saga which declare beauty leads ahead of brains.

It’s your smile which gives the best jewel in the world and makes you outshine your skin tone girls.

Keep smiling and the world will smile back!

4. You Are Beautiful And You Must Know It

It doesn’t matter whether you have a pimple on your chin or you’re having a bad hair day. It doesn’t matter if you wear sweatpants and leggings every day. You look gorgeous, young lady!

If a guy tries to tell you that you are ‘ugly’ then he isn’t the one. No guy should ever put you down. There is a guy out there that will love you no matter what you look like, even when you’re sick and don’t want to wear real pants.

When people tell you that you are beautiful, believe them. Look in the mirror and love what you see. Because I think you are stunning!

5. Mirrors Don’t Reflect The Real You!

Some days you will feel bloated, the other day you will find yourself plump than the skinny friend of yours who had a beautiful saree to flaunt on, some days you will feel helpless with that bulging tummy of yours and the graceful pimples which pop up to ruin your selfies. You may hate yourself for having a body to fit in which was a huge gene-gift from your not so flaky family; but trust me, when it’s your heart which showers volume of love, it’s not the physical appearance of the person but the person she is that will make the real difference in life!

Stop judging yourself through mirrors! They are not X-rays to portrait the real inner soul of you!!

Liberate yourselves from the glorious societal expectations which hover you day and night.

It’s okay to lose your shine as the day passes by and leaves you withered with no makeup on.

Because sunset looks as amazing and glamorous like the enchanting sunrise!!!



A fellow struggler!

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