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7 Offbeat Date Ideas to Spice up The Weekend with Your Guy

Written by Shruti
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We are here with some offbeat date ideas to spice up the weekend with your guy! And you can even schedule the couple time on our Think Metime mobile app!

Aren’t we jazzed up with the same mundane date routines? The same old 3 course meals with a candle lit in front of our plates…

We need offbeat date ideas to spice up the weekend with our guys!!

So, its high time we try something new Gals!!

This weekend lets spice up our life blending fun with the cliché outings with our Guy!

7 Offbeat Date Ideas to Spice up The Weekend with Your Guy

Here’s a list of 7 offbeat date ideas to materialize this coming weekend Girlies….

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1. Soothing Spas

Steams can do wonders to your mood and can be an offbeat date idea for couple time!

You can choose Bubble Baths, Aromatic Massages with soulful music, Saunas readily available at your vicinity to relieve the hectic week. Like it’s said, couples busting stress together, stay together…!

2. Cooking Competitions

7 Offbeat Date Ideas to Spice up The Weekend with Your Guy

Play Master Chef as an offbeat date idea!

Try innovative magic using the available kitchen ingredients. No buying stuff, just grabbing the existing material to make something tasty. Let’s see who knows the kitchen well and sets the meal on fire!! The winner can earn brownie points for winning in case he may intend to use them further. Winks!

3. Ride Him Out

offbeat ideas for couple time

This time girls, you grab the keys and display your driving skills! Let him do the window gazing.

Be his chauffer to drive him to exotic locations of your town/city and make his day.

If you can’t manage a car take him biking, while you take charge of the accelerator and the brake. Wink! 

4. Try Water Sports

There’s something majestic about the waters that splashes instant spark between monotony and can be an offbeat date idea for couple time!

You can engage into Water Skiing, Kayaking, Scuba Diving, Rafting and many more with your Guy.

In case you have water blues, go out for Boating Sprees at lakes around the town/city. That off course too counts as Water Sports!

5. Karaoke Bar

Karaoke as couple time

No matter how crappy you sing, everybody turns into Britney Spears after a few shots! Karaoke can be the best of all the offbeat date ideas for couple time!

Make most out of your tipsy phase! Get funky with your partner and make it a night to remember!!

6. Food Walks

Dating a foodie? You can binge on a variety of cultural cuisines that our country offers and never get enough of it. Plan a theme for the evening and head for eating off your hearts out!

7. Go Hiking

7 Offbeat Date Ideas to Spice up The Weekend with Your Guy

Pack your bags and go hiking. You can add camping too to the list to make more of the marvelous nature outing.  A nicely lit bonfire can wither the worldly troubles and create new memories of togetherness. Winks!

So which one is first on your list offbeat date ideas for couple time, ladies?

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