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Why you should teach your children multiple languages

Nisha Joshi
Written by Nisha Joshi
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Most Indians are bilinguals. Many can speak multiple languages fluently. It seems like second nature. But do you know how beneficial it really is?

In today’s times, when people are getting closer and closer with advance in technology, human interactions have increased beyond our imagination. Knowing a person’s language in a foreign place is a sure way of making friends. You need not be fluent in all languages, but if you even know a smattering of a new language, don’t you think you will be able to communicate easily?

Over the years, studies have shown that children under the age of 5 can learn up to 16 languages thoroughly! How insane is that! Children actually are more receptive to imbibe new learnings and master it within a short time than adults.

Let’s see what how encouraging your children to learn multiple languages can be beneficial.

Children can learn faster than us

This is one of the main benefits of learning different languages. Their brains are yet developing. Their brains are literally like sponges, ready to absorb anything they come across. They are not hindered by inhibitions or fear of failure. They generally have more time than adults. Plus, children learn languages using simple and short sentences. They do not think about structure and grammar.  And if your child learns a language when he’s young, he doesn’t need to learn it as an adult. It’s as simple as that. If your child knows a second language, it is simply another means for him to communicate easily with you.

Problem-solving abilities increase with learning more languages

Most adults who are creative, good with people or expert problem-solvers are typically those who have been exposed to two or more languages early in their lives. Their brains are under a constant training, which improves brain functionality tremendously. In general, children who learn multiple languages are much better at not only problem-solving, but also planning, execution, multitasking and concentration. Maybe this explains why so many Indians can multitask easily as compared to their Western counterparts.

Nurtures the imagination and broadens the vision

Learning any new language opens up the doors to more literature. When the child is exposed to stories from around the globe, he / she will understand and appreciate the thoughts and feelings of people around the world. A little global perspective can go a long way in broadening the child’s vision, especially when accepting other people. It also expands their imagination power beyond the local flavors they are daily exposed to.

Learning new cultures

Learning multiple languages opens up the avenue for your child to learn more about new cultures. Some cultures are very fascinating. They are also best when explained in their native language. If your child knows a language, imagine how easy it will be for him to learn everything about the new culture – specifically related to language. Most parents lament that their children cannot get the proverbs or quips they themselves used as children. Just encourage your children to learn your native language, then see if they don’t enjoy these proverbs with you!

Preventing future illnesses

Studies have actually shown that children who have been exposed to multiple languages have been able to delay Alzheimer’s for up to 4.5 years in their old age. This mainly happens because the brains of multilingual people are more elastic, retaining more information and stimulating the brain more to store more memories effectively.

If this has not motivated you to encourage your child to learn more languages, we don’t know what will! Tell us which languages your child knows and how he learn it. Share this with your friends with children and convince them of the benefits of having children master multiple languages!

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