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Why Fathers Play An Important Role In The Hush-Hush Discussion

Written by Shruti
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Parenting is a joint venture between mothers and fathers, and it’s a no joke!!

Where a lot is said on the mother-daughter relationship, diverting the importance of a father being part of this important discussion as your cuties grow up to adolescence is a big no-no!

With oodles of outside exposure and tons of experiences, a father should always be an importance part of the adult life and the talks that surround the puddles of decency.

With unsaid and untold layers of the birds and bee talk, let’s not add a gender gap while educating our kids on the worldly concerns.

Be it a son or a daughter, here’s why fathers have the real pact of the sex education genre!

1. He Has Seen A More Of Outside World Compared To Mothers

And this is hell true!

With our society giving more freedom to the male counterparts than female, male have huge baggage of experiences to share.

Be it job postings or the travel schedules included in every walks of life, men are more open to the outside world to women.

2. He Is Aware Of The Male Mentality

They have been a part of the male gang ever since their birth and are more than aware of the male physiology which follows a particular trend!

From whistles to stare, men can provide a better judgement from the bank of back-office teenage knowledge.

3. He Is Himself A Guy

No-one can understand a girl than another girls and visa-verse.

Being himself in the jittery soup once back at the time will help make you understand the genetics of the boys out there!

Girls, keep your mind open to the unfamiliar territory talk!

4. He Is Someone A Daughter Looks Up To

A father sets an example for the sons and benchmark for the choices made by his daughters

Every girl sees her father in her future husband!

And no one can set this benchmark for a decent man than her father.

From the courtesy sessions to the gentleman gestures, he sets an example the perfect MAN but also a perfect HUSBAND.

Mothers, are you listening? (Get your husbands done straight right now!! Winks)

5. He Is A Reality Check Machine

If mothers are good with the birds and the bee talk, fathers handle the awareness drives at home!

Right from updating the daughters with the latest news in the surrounding to the deadly incidences he witnessed at the metro station, fathers are much relevant to get the dark locations for you to avoid in the vicinity!

6. He Can Teach You To Find Out A Bad Touch Instantly!

No one can explain you the science behind the bad touch and its root expression to notice on someone’s face than a father himself!

Might seem odd to hear but a father is a best teacher for their little princesses!

7. Because It’s A Need Of The Hour

You will not find your mothers everyplace, ladies!

There might be times when you travel with your father when the co-passenger approaches you in an inappropriate manner!!

And instead of feeling helpless when in-spite having your dad around and difficult to intimate him your fear, it’s better you break the ice now!

It’s stupid to stay quiet because you never had ‘such’ talks with your father and suffer the entire awkwardness alone!!

8. An Unbroken Bond To Cherish

Communication is the key to maintain a healthy relation and we stick to it!

Where fathers are drifting away paving the road for mothers while their daughters hit puberty, involving fathers in life lessons is a non-measurable effort to build the bridge to the growing generation gap!

Ladies, this Father’s Day, let us pledge to involve our partners in all the hush-hush conversations with our daughters!

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