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Hey gals! Thanks for being on this website FF club (femmefiestaclub.com) – your personal space to find anything related to lifestyle, travel, cooking, beauty, fitness, fashion and many other interesting metime activities.

Me and my sister Meghana started this website couple of years ago with an objective to stress importance of me time, coz we all need that break, don’t we?!!

We have been successful in updating more than 500 blogs with a team of bloggers and creative editors. The team has grown from just the two of us to a creative team of around 10 people working for us. We are motivated to bring better content with all the loves, follows, subscribes and likes received from you. We hope that you will be inspired by the content we put up here and find that much deserved me time in your own way.

This is a guide that will help you browse through different categories on our website –


As we have stressed, we want each one of you to get a daily dose of me time. Here we give you interesting and fun activities to do during that me time.Also, stay tuned to our feature on ‘Books and Stories’  for books review and literature fun activities.


Getting Your home in order is best way to guilt free me time.

Hence we bring you innovative tricks and tips to manage your home and life and some smart timesavers. Do not miss our detailed decluttering guide to get rid of the mess in your house.

Do you want to be divas who always rock the party and festival scenes? We have included party planning and festival planning in this category just for you to relax even when the guests are coming over and still rock!

We have curated certain interesting home décor and Simple DIYs for you to try at home. We have peeped into the celebrity homes to get a taste of their décor and taste too.

Stay tuned for more on indoor gardening projects!

Go then dive into it!!


We believe that taking care of yourself goes a long way in increasing your confidence. Fashion trends, and Beauty tips, Celebrity Fashion and Lookbooks helps you keep updated about the trends in vogue. Fashion must haves and beauty product essentials help you build your shopping list. Do not forget to check what FF Recommends!!

Your beauty depends not just how you look and but also how fit you are from within. Health and Fitness – physical as well as mental – is a lifestyle and cannot be built overnight. Use these tips to build your overall wellness.



We believe that travel is the best way you can destress.

Here you can discover interesting spots to see in India and around the globe. You can add these unique travel experiences to your bucket list. We also include reviews of trips and places you can include in these travels. You can specifically make a note of these travel tips, especially related to travel with kids. We have also curated some fascinating travel stories and celebrity travel scoop.

Stay tuned for many more travel related activities!!


Again we start with few simple kitchen and food management tips, to help better manage your kitchen and gain some me time. Our reviews related to cookbooks and cooking appliances will help you build an efficient kitchen.

We have curated the most efficient, simple and easy 30-minute meal plans, festival food plans, party food plans, kids’ friendly meal plans, easy to make recipes for you to implement in your kitchen. Try them and see your time saved in the kitchen.

Our food bloggers take you through a variety of culinary experiences and lip-smacking recipe tours of the world. Hang on to enjoy the ride!

Stay tuned for must visit restaurant and café reviews!


We all have that funky girl in us who wants to defy the society rules and do as she pleases. We just give a voice to that funky girl in our funky girl stories. Hang on for the roller coaster rides of relationships, emotions, opinions and denials. Do not forget to drop in a comment or two.


Me and Meghana both being parents to toddlers and school-going kids, this feature is close to our hearts. We know all the tips received during the phase of parenting helps. So, we just decided to get them together in one place. We were joined by our various bloggers to create this library of parenting tips, fun activities with kids and special ideas to develop different skills in children. Hope you will implement them and have fun while doing so.

We also own an app company Think Metime an app which helps you set targets to form your me time and helps you to achieve them.

If you wish to meet either me or Meghana, please drop in a line at femmefiestasocial@gmail.com and we might catch for coffee or even a cocktail!!

Hope you all enjoy going through our website as much as we enjoy creating it!! Looking forward to loads of love and comments and likes and shares! Spread the word guys!!


Love you all!!

Kalyani & Meghana

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