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Wedding Bells: Recipes and Tips for New Brides

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Ankita Vaidya
Written by Ankita Vaidya
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Wedding season is back and we all are excited to hear the wedding bells ring! Excitement can be barely contained when you got your perfect outfit, your jewelry is on point and your H/MU girl knows what to do! Invites are all dazzled up, decorations are lively and guests can’t wait to get a glimpse of the bride. Celebrity for a day pretty much, aren’t you! However, wedding, howbeit, is a one-day affair, marriage is for life! Living a successful married life comes with a bunch of responsibilities, towards him and towards her. One of the promises that the bride and groom make during the ‘saat pheras’ is to nourish each other and their family. And guess what, nourishment comes mainly from food!

Though you are a 21st-century girl, and would rather work a top class corporate job over being a ‘housewife’, you promised the love of your life to nourish him for life. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to make perfectly round rotis or the yummiest dal or samosas with tea for snacks. But because you are a 21st-century girl, you ought to be health conscious. You cannot have your Mr. Right sneaking in bags of chips or grabbing unhealthy take-out dinners every other day. If you went through hell to shed a few kilos, just so you looked perfect on your big day, you cannot waste it by eating recklessly. Staying fit should be your priority, your ‘couple-goals’ as newlyweds.

Whether you are a pro-cook or a domestically challenged one, we got some interesting, 21st-century tips for y’all girls to make your way to your man’s heart.

P.S. Feel free to share these tips with your men! Both of you need them!


Tea, Coffee, Breakfast:

Knowing to make a basic cup of coffee or chai is no rocket science. The basic rule of thumb is: if you like to enjoy a cup of chai-coffee, you must know how to brew it. No excuses!

Breakfast, as we all know, is an important meal of the day. Now we don’t expect you to roll out aloo-parathas every morning before leaving for work. However, knowing 2 to 3 simple egg dishes like scrambled, sunny-side or omelet will help you in the long run. Similarly, always have two kinds of fruit on hand- in case you are late for work or want a lighter start to your day.

Another important breakfast recipe to prep ahead of time, maybe on weekends, is granola. It’s healthy, loaded with good fats and fibre. You cannot go wrong with this one. Enjoy with yoghurt or fresh cut fruit. Recipe video at the end of this page.


I am not talking about your BFF, but someone we all honour a lot more than we should. Our maids! Just because your maid cooks and cleans for you, doesn’t mean you should not bother about those chores. Be the boss of your kitchen. And if you want to be a good boss, you must know how to control your ‘staff’. And to control your staff, you gotta know the ins and outs of this trade!

Make a weekly schedule for your maid to follow. Ask your maid to do some light prep work like peeling, chopping, grating etc. It will make your life a lot easier.


No, I am not talking about make-up, bags, shoes or clothing. I am talking real-life accessories: vegetables and other kitchen staples. A very important part of your pre-marital training (for both bride and groom) should be how to select and buy seasonal and local vegetables. Once you know what to buy, it’s easy to make a to-do list for your maid. Know your local vendors, explore the area, and look for local farmers and fishermen over shopping at supermarkets. Buying local also makes you an independent 21st-century woman (or man).


Make it a point to cook something, absolutely anything, during weekends and holidays. Not to be an ‘ideal housewife’ but to be a responsible spouse. Involve your partner in the activity. Tons of videos and other material is available for you to choose from. Follow not just recipes but pictures and videos that fool-proof the entire process.

Win those brownie points:

Here’s a secret to be ‘the favourite daughter-in-law’. Get your hands on some ultimate, sugar-free dessert recipes. It’s an absolute win-win situation. You get to be the healthy 21st-century woman that you are while being an ‘ideal bahu’ who cares about her diabetic parents-in-law. Lovely, isn’t it!


Whether you are the bride or groom, man or woman, whatever be your age, it’s a shame if you cannot make yourself a dal-chawal-sabzi dinner. Make it your go-to option over take-out meals. 2 or 3 basic sabzi like aloo, cabbage, bhindi or whatever you like, paired with simple dal-rice promises complete nourishment. You do not need 6 digit salaries to figure this one out. Basic, simple and Indian staple.

So girls, like we mentioned, share this with your Mr. Right as well. Mothers, share it with your sons, not just daughters. These are some really basic, simple, kitchen-life hacks that everyone MUST know. Because even he promised to nourish her, didn’t he!


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