U turn – Will their roads meet again?

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Mishika & Akhilesh – Story of a beautiful friendship. Here we have two buddies, best friends in college… Different paths took them away from each other, as they went ahead in life. When they meet again years later, Mishika is a widow and a mother, and Akhilesh is engaged to a glamorous socialite. They are overjoyed to meet each other again, and their meeting gives life to old memories and feelings. They become pillars of support to each other once again, but how? Download the book to know how the threads of their life weave into each others’ one more time…

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He opened his iPhone, and pulled out his playlist. A soft, old romantic started playing. “See! Now, come on!” He pulled her on to the floor. He showed her where to keep her hands, and directed her feet in the direction of the steps. After a few steps, Mishika gained confidence, and started enjoying along with him.

“See, I told you this is fun.”

“It really is. This is so cool, I’ve never danced like this before.”

“That’s because you didn’t have someone cool like me in your life for all these years.” He winked at her.

She laughed. “Yeah, right! That is so true.”

Another soft song started, and they switched to slow dancing. Akhilesh pulled her close, and kissed the top of her head.

“I missed you, Mishk! And I’m really sorry, I was not with you during the hardest part of your life. You can’t imagine how much I hate myself for it.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself, Akhi. How could you have known? Actually, I’m sorry, that I didn’t keep in touch with you.”

“Yeah well, is this a competition for apologizing?” He smirked, and she smiled back at him.

“No, it’s not.”

“Damn right, it’s not. So, shut up now, and let me do the talking.” He pulled her even closer. Mishika had forgotten what it felt like, to have someone hold you so close and feel so safe. She was fighting hard to hold back tears. “I want to make it up to you, Mishk. I want to make up for all this time that we’ve lost.”

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