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Turning home into corporate saga

Turning Home into Corporate saga
Kalyani Phadke
Written by Kalyani Phadke
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Do you like the idea of turning Home into Corporate saga?
“Honey, please pick up those books you brought into the living room”, you tell your husband. “In a minute…”; he says.  And that minute never arrives!
How many times you need to keep on telling your kids to clean their room. “It’s not my mess, its hers”; and so they keep putting it on each other.
You keep telling the maid what is expected of her and she conveniently keeps on forgetting it.
Sometimes, you feel as if there is way too much stuff in your house and there is no way you can get rid of it in any way.
You get up in the morning and tackle the question of what to cook today.
And the list goes on! These and many more incidents make the entire house management seem very overwhelming. It seems that you are the only one doing it all. And then the accidents, mishaps, near missouts keep on happening and you start feeling its all your fault. You keep on digging a deeper hole for you to fall in!! And start feeling stuck as if there is no way out of this mess! You are not alone in the feeling. Many of us feel depressed at the idea of managing an out of control house.
Of course, there is a simple way out of this all!
Turning your home into a corporate saga! Manage it like a corporate management would do.This would involve changing few processes at home, bringing in new habits, giving time to let those habits to set in.
Here are some tips as to how to go about it –

How do you turn your home into Corporate saga?

1. Every room should have a purpose

​For smooth running of home, it needs to have systems. You can start with the rooms, define its purpose, declutter the unnecessary mess and have the appropriate place for the remaining things in the room.

Decluttering can be exhausting and time consuming. It is not a one-time thing but needs to be done regularly.


2. For better organising, use baskets, bins, labels

​It doesn’t take time for the room to be messed up again. So, use various bins, baskets and label them with their use. This makes it easier to delegate the task of clean up to any one in the house.
These are few baskets, bins and labels you can use –

3. Planning ahead

​Important step in turning Home into Corporate Saga is planning. Write down your daily tasks in a diary. Then remove the unnecessary tasks you do. After that identify the tasks you can delegate to your family members. Ensure you have the right processes in place to make the delegation successful.
Use a monthly, weekly and daily planner to make notes of daily chores, to do lists and important events coming up.
Stick the monthly and weekly planner on the fridge, so that you do not forget important parts out of it.

4. A load a day

​Get at least one small task done on your daily to do list. These tasks include small repairs, social phone calls, social visits, prep for an upcoming festival or event, etc. These tasks have a way of making you feel overwhelmed. It is always better to get small load done every day. Also, in case you have delegated certain tasks from your to do list, ensure that you follow it up and get it done.

5. Distribution of Chores

​Everyone in the house must take responsibility of one or the other chores. Even younger kids can pitch in with the smaller tasks like taking the laundry load and folding it. You can even start introducing family meetings to ensure that the chores are planned and performed properly.

6. Carrots for job well done

​Introduce some rewards for tasks well done. You can treat yourself with a shopping trip. Or you can gift your husband with a spa date. Let these treats act as an additional motivation.

This is what Turning Home into Corporate saga looks like! We recommend easing into  this new routine, introducing processes one by one. Between cleaning, cooking, organising and small repairs, home management is a full time job. Treating it like any other corporate enterprise and  introducing simple processes makes it easier to deal with.

What are your ways of dealing with home mess?

Do you agree with the idea of home corporatisation?

Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in comments below!!

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