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If we climbed the highest tree top and you said you couldn’t climb down, I would build the finest tree house for our life above the ground…

 Romantic isn’t it? A beautiful evening over a tree house, a glass of wine and a beautiful company! That’s my idea of a romantic date. And mornings bathing in the open to sky bath tub! Wow! What a relaxation would it be! This is exactly what tree houses offer to you!

Tree Houses take you in the harmony of nature and make you forget all your worries! We bring to you the best tree houses in the world, so that you can plan your next trip to visit them.

Treehotel tree house, Sweden:

Treehotel has constructed a few unique tree houses for you. They are second to nobody. They are built out of sustainable materials and are close to nature. Just check these uniquely built tree houses:

UFO treehouse:

How many of you had the childhood dream of seeing a UFO. There always used to be stories around the school that someone has seen the UFO landing in the jungle nearby, isn’t it?

Make your childhood dream come true and boast of staying in a UFO at this UFO treehouse in Sweden. As you walk near the Swedish forest, you would see this huge metal like structure hovering over the land with a spotlight shining beneath the staircase to give a look of a hovering spacecraft. Come inside the room and you get the feel of living in the spaceship with the interiors containing the constellations, planets, etc. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Birds Nest treehouse:

If living in a UFO was not an experience you would enjoy, then try living a Bird’s life for a day by living in the Birds nest tree house. This is so wonderfully built! It looks exactly like a nest, doesn’t it? The hotel owners say that they wanted to build it in harmony of nature. And they really achieved what they wanted, I would say. What about you?

Mirror Cube tree house:

A tree house with reflective glass that reflects the surroundings is what Mirror Cube is all about. The colours inside the cube keep on changing as the day progresses. The huge windows provide panoramic views of the beautiful jungle that is around. It is indeed an experience of its kind to stay in this beauty.

Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver, Canada:

How about staying hanging on the trees with a rope! That’s what the spheres offer you. Imagine how difficult it must be to construct these. They offer you 5 star luxury in a cosy place of the treehouse. As it is in the shape of a sphere, there are no edges. The interior of the tree house is beautifully made! You get beds, a small dining area and speakers in your room. You have your own private bathroom with jacuzzi and a compost toilet beneath the tree house. The hosts are warm and add to your stay experience here!

Check this amazing video by the Animal Planet

Soneva Kiri Treepod, Thailand:

Soneva Kiri in Koh Kood is a luxury resort in Thailand. You get to experience a unique dining experience here! Sit on the tree-pod and buckle your seat belts. You would rise up on the tree and get amazing views of the Gulf of Thailand. And as you enjoy the views, the waiter delivers you the food through a zip-line. What an experience, isn’t it?

The Machan, Lonavala:

You know, you don’t really need to travel abroad to enjoy these beauties. We have an awesome place, here in India itself, and within driving distance from Pune & Mumbai. We have The Machan in Lonavala. The best season to visit this place would be the rainy season, when the surroundings are lush green, and you are exposed to the full beauty our Nature Gods have to offer! The Tree Houses built in The Machan are very beautiful, and you have the perfect amount of serenity and privacy around to enjoy it completely with your better half, or yourself!


I, being an avid book reader, have always read about tree-houses being built in the back-yards in the western countries. In India, we don’t have that kind of space luxury, but we have places close by that can offer us the same enjoyment at a reasonable rate. Imagine being huddled up close with your better half with the leaves rustling softly around, and the cool wind blowing through the branches. There cannot be anything more romantic than this!


When are you planning your next trip to a tree house, now? Do share your pics (uncensored ones!!), and let us know about your experiences. We would love to hear from you. Do not forget to use the hashtag #femmefiesta & #metime when you post!


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