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Tree Houses amidst Nature

Deepti Beke
Written by Deepti Beke
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As man progressed, he went away from nature. While earlier there were many forests, now if you see even a small clump of trees close to where you live, you feel rich! All we mostly see around us is a concrete jungle. What our heart urges is to take a break and go back to nature. Stay as our ancestors lived. In the arms of Mother Nature, breathing in the scent of the flowers, and eating the fruits of the trees. With a bathroom, of course. We’re just going back to nature, not going back to the Stone Age! Come on! And I want pancakes for breakfast… so…

There are many tree houses around the world that are built in lap of nature, in the dense forests and free flowing waters. You can get a feel of nature’s ethereal beauty, from as close as possible in these resorts. We have already covered a few of them in our earlier blog – click here to check them out.

We bring you a glimpse of some such beautiful tree houses in today’s blog:

Finca Bellavista, Costa Rica:

Imagine waking up at a rainforest in Costa Rica, surrounded by dense forests, animals, birds chirping, and a waterfall to bathe in! Surreal, isn’t it? This dream can be a reality at Finca Bellavista, in Costa Rica. As you can see, the treehouses are built on huge trees and are a perfect example of co-existence of nature and mankind. You have to experience this place at least once in lifetime to rediscover a new you!

As nature enthusiasts, you can meet all kinds of insects and birds, dip in the cool waters of the waterfalls or just go on a forest trail! For those who seek adventure, just try the Zip-line here or dive into the deep waters! For the ones who love to indulge in exotic holidays, get the spa at the spa centre in the resort or simple gaze at the forest from the balcony. It is surely a perfect place for families and couples.


Silky Oaks Lodge, Queensland:

Another experience in the rainforest is at the beautiful treehouse in Queensland. Just laze around in your hammock. Have lunch and dinner by the bustling waters of the river. For all those tired bodies, indulge in the spa treatments at the spa facility, get massages for face and body and feel rejuvenated. Each room also has a private spa tub, a balcony which is open to forest and a bathroom with a glass which makes you feel as if you are bathing in the trees.

You can also indulge in activities like snorkeling, canoeing etc.

Doesn’t that sound like a dream vacation!

Hapuku Lodge and Treehouses, New Zealand:

This place boasts of some excellent views and rightly so! Just imagine one side of the tree house has a view of the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the olive orchards. The other end has a fireplace with the view of the snow clad mountains. Wow! Isn’t it? Also, you can stargaze at night by relaxing in the balcony with a bottle of exotic wine that the hotel provides.

And just do not miss the food here. As, it is fresh from farm and very exotic. The people who have dined here say it’s the best food they have ever eaten!

There are multiple activities like surfing, mountain biking, cycling and swimming which you can indulge in.

Are you tired of regular hotel stays? Do you want to try something unique and beautiful?

Then, you should definitely try these beautiful hotels in the beautiful locales!

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