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Top 10 Rocking Birthday Party Ideas

Ankita Vaidya
Written by Ankita Vaidya
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Potato wafers, bubbly pops, birthday cake, pav bhaji and gulab jamun, all are the highlights of a 90s birthday party! Time has changed and we must keep up with the millennial trends. Here are some funky party food ideas, that are easy to make and yet make a statement!


Fruit brochettes/ fruit on stick

Very simple and eye catching when bright coloured, fresh fruits are skewered on a popsicle stick. Health packed, flavorful and fresh as ever, fruits of your choice!

Chocolate dipped bananas

A very healthy dessert option. No artificial preserves or colours. Simply put bananas on a stick, dip in melted chocolate and chill! For more fun, you may also top it with chopped peanuts or almonds-cashews-pistachios while the chocolate is warm.

Crudite sticks and dip

A great option for grab-and-bite foods. Arrange shot glasses with a homemade yogurt based dip at the bottom. Introduce french-fry cut veggies like carrots, cucumbers, beetroot, celery, peppers etc. Again, very colourful and fresh.

Gulab jamun birthday doughnuts (femme fiesta club favorite)

For all those baker moms, here’s a little twist on our traditional desserts. We can’t deny our love for gulab jamun. So why not shape them as a doughnut, soak in vanilla flavoured sugar syrup, then add some frosting on top?! A true fusion dish!

Made-to-order pasta station

This one is for the dads (or older siblings) who love cooking and love to show off their ‘flare’. Set up a pasta station outdoors with all your favourite toppings, a red sauce, a white sauce and maybe a pesto sauce. Include at least 2 to 3 different shapes of pasta. Let each of your guests decide what and how much they would like! You get to cook live for them and set up a show  like never before.

DIY healthy chaat

This is our all time favourite chaat counter, but without a bhaiyya. Arrange a buffet with all the toppings and fixings. Let everyone build their own dishes. A great way to entertain guests by letting them be creative with food. And this can never go wrong with any age group- be it kids party or adults. Who doesn’t like chaat!

Build your own salad/ sandwich

Similar idea as chaat counter, but like a Subway. Various toppings, lettuce, vegetables, breads, cheeses, mayo, sauces- and build your own salad or sandwich. A health crowd pleaser, hands down!

Popcorn stand

Movie or magic show special! Popcorn stand with different flavours- be it movie style butter, cheese, caramel, jalapeno cheddar, tomato basil or garlic-thyme! You can easily make popcorn at home, grab a few seasonings and there you go!

Cooking class

This is another idea that has never gone wrong with any age group. For the culinary enthusiasts, organize a cooking demo to please your guests. Let them get hands-on while you show off your talent. 2 to 3 dishes can be picked depending on the demographics of your guests. Kids usually love making pasta, cookies or milkshakes. While adults love to sip on some wine and nibble on cheese and crackers as you demonstrate your secret Biryani recipe!

Lemonade cart

Bottled pops and juices are full of artificial colours and preservatives. But we all need to sip on something while we enjoy the party! If you are hosting a kids party, have a lemonade cart with fresh lemons, sweet lime, oranges, pineapple etc for juicing. Seasonings can include black salt, cumin powder, chaat masala etc. And toppings can include cherries, orange wedges, cute little cocktail umbrellas or even different shapes of ice cubes. All these elements are more than enough to keep it interesting for the little ones. For the adults, simply add vodka or Malibu rum and you won’t hear a single complaint!


Are you pumped enough for your next party? Let us know which one (or more) of these ideas made it to your list. Send us pictures and comment to let us know how much you love us. Because we love you too 😉 !! And don’t forget to tag, #metime.

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