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Tips to an organized wardrobe

Nisha Joshi
Written by Nisha Joshi
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Wardrobes are blessings in disguise, but only if you arrange everything properly in them. A clean and organized wardrobe not only looks great and inviting, but is also a great way to minimize your “I have nothing to wear” struggles in the morning or before a party. It also helps create space for more (ahem) new clothes and shoes, which of course you buy only when absolutely necessary and don’t go online binge shopping every week. (Most of the time!)

Many people swear by the Konmari method of organizing, but any amount of Konmari will be useless of you do not arrange the clothes properly.

So, let us give you some superb tips to organize your wardrobes and make most of your space.

1. Hang your clothes

Hanging is the easiest way to organize your clothes. It saves a whole lot of space too. Try hanging similar items of clothing together, like sarees, dresses, kurtis, so that you can find what you want easily.

2. Use shoe boxes

Shoe boxes that are usually thrown away make great organizers. You can assign a shoe box for each item of clothing, even innerwear. Decorate the boxes for a prettier wardrobe. You can use wicker baskets, plastic tubs or Amazon boxes too. Basically any box that holds shape when stacked.

3. Stack T-shirts upright

This tip is super useful if you don’t want a sea of clothes at your feet when you pull out that one t-shirt you wanted to wear today. If this is a regular occurrence with your clothes, you should seriously consider stacking T-shirts and even kurtis and leggings upright. You can see all of them at once and there will be no fear of falling clothes.

4. Donate regularly

Another secret to organized wardrobe – donate regularly! Keep a system for donating old clothes. We recommend the hanger method wherein you hang clothes on hangers, all hanger tops pointing the same way. Once you remove a dress, turn that particular hanger so that it faces the opposite direction. At the end of every year, assess which hangers haven’t been turned. Donate those clothes. If you haven’t needed them for a year, chances are you won’t need them again.

5. Place your scarves and stoles on hangers

Trust us when we say that tying your endless stoles, scarves and dupattas on hangers will make your life so easy. You don’t have to rummage through your bags or drawers (or wherever you dump them) and can find the perfect match instantly. Innerwear on hangers is a great idea too!

6. Use pillow cases for storing bedsheets

Pillow covers have a nasty habit of separating from the bedsheet and ending up somewhere else. To avoid this, fold your bedsheet and all pillow cases except one. Then put them in the remaining case, fold neatly and store. It not only looks neat, but also saves you the trouble of searching for matching cases endlessly.

7. Roll and store

Rolling clothes, especially bulky ones like sweaters, helps conserve a lot of space in your wardrobe. It also prevents wear and tear of delicate clothes that happens if you hang them on a hanger. Plus, easy to search and get seasonal clothes.

8. Use PVC pipes

Socks. They separate. After a week of new socks, all pairs appear jumbled up, even more so, when you have an important meeting early in the morning. Use sections of PVC pipes in your drawer to store your socks together till they lose their elasticity, so that they don’t sneakily run away with another sock that cannot do justice to them and you end up looking crazy.

To start with, this seems like a lot of work. But, trust me, once you get used to it, it will only be a matter of an extra ten seconds to put away that t-shirt neatly, rather than just throwing it inside in a tumble. And the end results will make it totally worthwhile!

Please, please share your organized wardrobe (or unorganized wardrobe) pictures with us and give us a chance to drool over it!

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