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The Universal Path To Break-up….

Written by Shruti
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Breakups are painful. Where you sow a plant with hopes and it withers out the glory, there comes the bitter phase of being left alone in this huge unapologetic world with zero hopes of being healed! But can a couple avoid a break-up?

In the world of constant change, where every bit gets upgraded to match the pace, are relationships too facing this real adversity? Here are the most universal reasons to bring in earthquakes in the strong base relationships!

1. Withholding Affection

Refusing to hold hands in public? Or, not stroking your back post an emotional breakdown; just because having a family around!

Where emotional unavailability is one of the major reasons a relation crumbles to; Display more of affection to your partner and turn the tables with happiness, girls!

Because, when you love someone, love them with ands and not if and buts!

2. Misjudged Anger

Anger spelled in a wrong direction not only creates sparks of further raging anger but also the growing endless rifts between the two of you!

Be it a misdirected anger from your office’s stress or be it your mood swings spilling frustration all over, anger issues will only bring in more anger issues in your relationship till one of you says goodbye!

3. Unsupportiveness

Because having different perceptions in life will only add to the growing pain of unsupportiveness from your partners!

No surprise to feel pure hatred towards a person never in sync with your needs and dreams!

If you want to keep your relationship, learn to be supportive.

4. Addictions

Too much of anything will lead to a destruction of everything! And this is hell true!

Be it an addiction for health destruction series named alcohol and cigars or be the addiction to the never-ending time with your office colleges and those non-restrictive silly hang-outs with your friends!

5. Growing Me-Time

Because Only Me-time is a killer of all the Us-Time!

Increasing habit of staying alone and getting habitual to it day after day is the building tomb of the vicious breakup cycle right in front of your eyes!

6. Lying

From deleting messages before your Bae has a look of them or the routine lies of saying ‘yes’ to every question you expect it to be a ‘yes’ from the other end!

Lying is the real poison to your relation and watch out the signs before you scumble to the lie game, girl.

7. Lack Of Frequent Communication

Be it a regular how was the day chat or be it the office and the relative rants, be it your old school friend whom you have no contact or your spouse; talking is the key for every relation and yours is no exception!

Leaving loose ends in conversations and neglecting the speaking sphere will loosen your bond and make you free of the relation in no time!

Ladies, watch-out for the early signs before the sheer wait for a bright morning brings in bad news!

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