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The Struggle of Being Single …

Written by Shruti

What can I say about the struggle of being single!!

Let lose your hair while you gulp that heavy drink across the counter with no one to give you a damn, sway around with no one watching you turn around; until; you crash down on the floor seeking a help from your own hand!

Welcome to the singlehood diaries….

Be it a betrayed heart to the feminist of I don’t need boys for me type, the pinch of being single is painful after a point in life!

The beauty of being carefree might attract the soul till life throws you lemons in the following situations;

1. Renting A Flat

God! This is one of the biggest struggles form the ones we know!!

Because after a particular age, everyone around has a family while you don’t; and trust me the nosy aunties in the building will give you a tough time!!

And many of the times, brokers don’t give you a reason to get into the flats itself!

2. Escaping Flirts

You won’t have a better reason than, ‘Sorry, I have a Boyfriend’ to escape those big fat jerks sitting around offering a drink!

Because single-hood is a crime in India and ‘not interested’ is non-gulp-able for a male ego!

3. The Society Doesn’t Consider You To Be A Part Of Them

Be it your social circle where there is ‘only couples this time’ rule for that long drive or the aunties who push you aside judging there has to be a problem with you!

Come on guys, we need people in our lives too!!

4. You Have A Matrimony Already Set-Up

Because it’s not just your parents but also your friends who want to see you hooked someday!

Aj toh setting ho hi jayegi! But I don’t want one! Are you listening!!

5. You Are Your Own Entertainer

Be it shopping sprees or be it those movie nights, you are only one to buy popcorn and pop it in mouth because even best-friends have boyfriends!

Yup, being single is a tad difficult task!

6. Family Is Your Only Friend

While your friends find it difficult to accommodate you in their mushy time and independent solo-trips is a big no-no in most of the Indian families.

Happy Friendship day to my family who loves me when the world says, go find a partner for yourself!

7. How Can you Be Happy? Is The Only Question Asked By Couples

Off-course, I am happy and I give no fucks your ideology of being happy only when with a man! (off-course for a reason or two! Winks!)

I am just waiting for my Prince Charming to knock me off and sweep me off feet!

Ladies, have you too faced this phase once in your lifetime?


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