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The girl who wanted happiness…

Written by Meghana
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Poem by Meghana Kulkarni

Artwork by Kalpita Atre

A young girl, with big dreamy eyes,

Dreams of a sweet little happy life

A small house, a cuddly dog, a few close friends

Yes, my life will be exactly that, she thinks.

Then she grows up a bit. Though, just by age.

Wants to fall in line with the slim-trim rage

Gets slim, gets trim, but oh what a surprise,

Her number of friends fail to rise.

She grows up a bit more, into the social media page

Goes green seeing the posts of people her age;

Thinks she has to be popular to be really happy

So she shops, and she flaunts, and posts pics really sappy.


Her followers increase, and the likes go up

But, untouched by all, her heart doesn’t fill up

There seems to be something amiss, she keeps thinking what

What don’t I have in life, oh I’m a miserable twat!

She’s a full grown woman now, graceful and bright

What I need is success, and independence as my right

She toils and toils, and climbs the corporate collage

And yet, happiness to her seems to be an elusive mirage!

Despondent, she goes to her mom, seeming lost,

“Mom, tell me what to do, to come out of this lot”

Her mom, smiled, and says, “Stop being crabby,

You want to be happy, just go and be happy.”


“You don’t need these decorations,

Or somebody’s certificate, and notations

Your happiness is only yours to make

And it is for nobody else, but solely for your sake.”


A simple answer to a simple question

A huge weight suddenly lifted from her shoulders

What was missing was her own appreciation

Love for herself, and a feeling of self-satisfaction.


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