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Taking the big Decision of Motherhood!

decision of motherhood
Written by Shruti
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Pregnancy and motherhood is a phase to be cherished. But, it can be enjoyed only when a woman is confident enough to carry the weight of this tiny human; both physically and mentally!

It all starts with a diaper and ends with all the pampering till your hands are intact!

Be it expecting or new or experienced, it is exhausting to be a mother. Motherhood is a blessing for the large chunk out there. But with the hurdles along the way, very few accept this as a blessing!

With countless responsibilities shouldered by modern women and the party vibes carried by our generation, does it make sense to indulge in a child just because the society demands so? Today’s woman is petrified with the thought of sitting at home bearing and handling kids.

It is difficult to remain a good and strong mother if the decision has been taken for someone else. So be careful when you take the decision of motherhood and understand what you are signing up for. The family, especially the husband needs to understand what she is going through too!

Decision of motherhood – Feats of a New born mother

Here is a small film by ‘Net Pix Shorts’ showing the post-partum depression faced by the new mothers adding to their frustration of choosing to be a mother.


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  • Shruti, I agree with you completely. Becoming a mother is a huge decision and I believe no mother should go for it unless she is physically and mentally prepared for it. I loved the image you have shared here with two wonderful kids. While motherhood is a great blessing, you need to be fully prepared to realise it completely.

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