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Stop Watching Her Through Tinted Glasses Of A Superwoman!

Written by Shruti
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Today’s urban woman is on path of progression, however we need to stop watching her through the tinted glasses of superwoman!!

‘I don’t want to sleep like a baby; I want to sleep like my husband!!’ Says the new-age woman! You have our back girl!

Where we women are self-praising and applauding their work-life balance; juggling between household chores and office life is being accomplished, you are being starved! Starved from your right to greet happiness and enjoy life just the way your better half does!!

India is emerging to support the female population and tuck their shoes and send them off to work. But is your family supporting you?

Where people expect you to finish the home chores and step in time to office, your husband has the liberty to take a stride in the office while relax at home!

And the whole ‘yeh bahu ke kam  hain’ voice is uttered is none other than a lady herself!

While women are fighting against many barriers to attain equality, the society they are living in has still not given up the traditional lens through which it looks at its women.

It’s the time we change our societal expectations of women playing a lead in all fronts of her life and not let the burden of playing the two-timing exhausting roles of a superwoman!

Stop Watching Her Through Tinted Glasses Of A Superwoman!

Here is a video presented by TED Talks giving you an insight of how society is pulling her back and why working woman are going through a havoc for not making it to the top!

Superwomen, start thinking now!! Lean in!!


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