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Signs You Can Never Get Close To Being His Girlfriend

Written by Shruti

Men are victims of being friend-zoned is a real myth and we have a proof here. As beauties out there, who have been in this deadly phase of being friend-zoned are reading this post, regretting their one-sided love scenario! And probably regreting about ignoring the signs that we were never close to being their girlfriend!

Raging high with frustration from a heartbreak because you misjudged his indicators claiming you just as his good friend?

Here are 5 signals you should stop your heart from swaying the next time before the storm; and understanding he will not take you into his heartbeat radar!

1. He Talks About His Crush In Open And It’s Definitely Not You!

He will never take twists and turns and make you believe in the fairy-tale of him being in love with a random girl nor does he hint of falling in love! Because he already has a clear picture of the girl, he would like to date and you are not his choice girl. Heart-wrenching but true!

2. He Hardly Calls You Out By Your Name

When all you hear is the bro and dude language while referring you, girls you now know where you belong to!

3. You End Up Doing One-Sided Favors

From completing his notes to making an excuse for him at the office; While all your actions are revolved around him; he never finds you once you leave his physical premises and return home!

4. You Share Those Silly Texts But Not Those Deep Chats

Because he is not interested in getting into that clingy zone with you! If your chats display a real non-affection texts being exchanged, girls gulp the real intention real soon!

5. He Keeps The Distance Wall Intact

And makes you feel left out each time you reach out to him!

Be it a canteen break or a quick stroll around, he prefers to do all by himself and makes a thousand excuses to make them sound real.

Real bad but it’s the best time to understand self-worth and take a run before things swallow your self-esteem!

Ladies, be alert on these indicators as you buck-up to make a run towards exit!

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