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Raksha Bandhan: Plan these 7 Fun Kids Activities

Kalyani Phadke
Written by Kalyani Phadke

Festivals are rejoiced and celebrated with families everywhere. The bond celebrating the special relationship between a brother and a sister is Raksha Bandhan. The sister generally ties a rakhi on the right wrist of the brother after applying kumkum on his forehead. She then gives him sweet and gets a gift in return. Family get together followed by lunch and exchange of gifts is the highlight of the day!

You can plan many more activities for kids on this day to keep them busy and excited. Here’s a list of few of those activities –

1. Treasure Hunt

Make a treasure hunt and keep the gifts at the end of it. Let the kids find the gifts by following the clues. You can make it interesting by punishing the losers with creative punishments.

2. Prepare a skit

The kids can prepare a quick skit of the story of Draupadi and Krishna, where Krishna cut his finger and Draupadi tied a piece from her new saree to stop the bleeding. In return, Krishna saved her from being embarassed by Duryodhana when Yudhishthira lost her in a bet. It can be fun to peep into our mythology.

3. Prepare your own rakhi

You can have a DIY packs of rakhis and ask the kids to make their own rakhi. It should not take more than an hour but they would enjoy it more if they get to tie the rakhis made by themselves.

4. Build a family tree

It would be fun to ask the kids to build the family tree on a huge chart paper. They can take help from all the relatives present at the get together. You can make copies for all the families present as a return gift too.

5. Passing the parcel

This game has been everybody’s favourite since the days of ‘Hum aapke hai koun’!! And it can get really interesting, if you plan for some creative punishments for the losers. Eg – Tell the most embarrassing moment till now, Mimic the favourite teacher, etc

6. Fashion parade

Fashion show can be another fun kids activity. Pair them up and ask them to make costumes for each other from the newspapers. Put on some groovy music and ask them to do a fashion show on these tunes. Do not forget to click photographs and shoot a video. You will cherish these memories when they grow up!

7. Give them chef hats

You can give them chef hats and ask them to prepare some simple snack or a starter. For example they can prepare cherry cheese pineapple or a fruit salad. You would be relieved of preparing at least one item from your menu and the kids will enjoy messing around and preparing something everyone will enjoy.

If you are successful in planning these fun kids activities, be sure to upload the pics and tag us #thinkmetime #femmefiesta!!

Till then, Enjoy the festivities! Happy Raksha Bandhan!!

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