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All of us are extremely busy in our schedules, whether married or not, and whether having kids or not. Once the corporate life starts, our routine becomes so hectic, that exercise almost always takes a back seat! While we are still young i.e. in our twenties, our metabolism is still strong enough to sail through all the rigors that we put our bodies through. However, as we move on to the difficult thirties, when our responsibilities generally always outnumber our body’s capacity, our neglect starts taking a toll, and fatigue, bloating and cramps take the place of flexibility in our arms, back and legs.

An ideal scenario to avoid this would be to have a minimum one hour workout every day, which would include strength, cardio, stretching exercises… Seems like an impossible dream, right? I know exactly what you mean. Going for a run daily also works equally great, but might not be possible for those with kids, and for those allergic to colds. I’ve found an excellent companion to my workout which is a great solution to all these problems. The name of this companion is PopSugar Fitness.

Popsugar Fitness is a fitness organization which has its own YouTube channel, where they release different exercise routines for different purposes. They have a few excellent beginners’ workouts which are just for ten or fifteen minutes, and are perfect for a quick snatch in the mornings.

We have uploaded one such video for you. It covers all aspects, and I’m pretty sure you would benefit from it the same way I did. If you do not like this one, you could always go to the channel and select some other routine which suits your needs better.

Do subscribe to this channel to check their cool routines, and dance sessions.

​Let us get fit together! A fit you is a beautiful you!
What is your fitness mantra? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear back from you

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