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Written by Meghana

The jungle was growing thicker by the second. Paul could hear his every stick and twig snap under his feet, and kept feeling he was attracting predators just by breathing. But he had to keep going. He couldn’t stop now. The old woman had told him, he had to keep going straight in the jungle as far as the spring brook. So far, he had not seen any spring, or even any indication of a spring whatsoever. But, he couldn’t lose hope. He had to get there. He had to…

He stopped mid-thought, as he heard twigs snapping fast in another direction, and realised somebody or something was coming towards him. By the time, he could gather his thoughts to make a decision about whether to run or to stay put, that ‘thing” whatever it was, was already upon him.

“What are you doing so deep in the jungle?” a deep voice rang out clearly in the dark. Paul wondered at the strength of the source of the voice.

“I have come here on a quest.”

“What quest?”

“To find something.”

“What are you trying to find?”

Paul hesitated, wondering if he could trust this stranger. There were some lives at stake.


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Though my professional life revolves around Finance, my passions lay in only 3 things: books, books and books!! Give me a cup of strong coffee, a nice new book to read, and a cozy corner to read in, I'll be the happiest person in this world! Among other things, I love traveling, bird watching, observing people, and eating chocolate cake!!

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