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Parenting now vs Parenting 50 years ago

Nisha Joshi
Written by Nisha Joshi

If you are a mother, you must have heard the words about parenting, “In our time, things were done differently!” at least a dozen times. Our parents and parents-in-law never forget to remind us how difficult it was for them to raise us and how lucky we are to be living in this day and age.

We think, obviously, that we have it hard. We most often never accept that our parents had a difficult time raising us! Why would we? We were the paragons of good behaviour, weren’t we? While our children are monsters!

But have we stopped to think about how parenting would have been 50 years ago? How did our grandparents raise our parents?

I was intrigued by this question and decided to look in more. Here’s what I found –

More online support for parenting than real

social networking

Most mommies I know are part of some or the other support groups either on Facebook or WhatsApp. There are all kinds of people there, some off-putting while some encouraging. But most of these mommies live nuclear, running around alone in an emergency.

Our previous generations, on the other hand, had a more real support system. There were people who gossiped and bitched and those who were supportive. But in time of a crisis, they all stood together as one.

More knowledge about parenting

woman using a laptop

With the advent of the internet, there came a knowledge boom. Everything now is on your fingertips. You don’t know a particular recipe? Your baby is crying too much? You have breastfeeding issues? Google it and get answers. Of course, everything online is not credible – there could be potentially dangerous information out there. But a few trusted sites have it all. In fact, new moms are often called Google Mothers!

While our parents, of course, didn’t have access to a computer, let alone the internet. What they knew was what their own parents had told them or they had heard from neighbours/friends/extended family.

More fear in parenting

School going kid

My parents walked to school. I went in a public auto. I, however, won’t dare send my child alone to school. This state of fear has heightened incredibly in recent days. More and more crimes against children get reported making us feel that we do not want to let them out of our sight even for a second.

Older days were either safer or so many crimes weren’t reported, giving us a false feeling of security.

More screen time: challenges in parenting

This is, I feel, the most major change that has happened. While most of our parents grew up without any screens, our generation usually had a common TV (usually a friend’s place) while growing up. TV was only a minor part of life. We would watch something typically on Sundays and then run off to play. The first mobile phones came out when we were in our 20s! Meanwhile, now 2-year olds can operate an advanced smartphone with the ease of a seasoned user!

More awareness; better parenting

cloth diapers

Today’s mothers are more aware of the issues around the world as they are about the baby issues. Most of them actively try to bring a positive change in the environment. Cloth diapers, that were unheard of since before some years, are gaining popularity. Babywearing and kangaroo care are other concepts to help the mother and child flourish. More importantly, new mothers are starting to question old superstitions that have no basis most of the times. They have started to stop these superstitions being passed on to the next generation as has happened for so long.

You can read about Minimalistic Parenting too!

Do you think that your parents had a harder life than you? Are you a Google Mom too? What do you think has changed in this generation? Tell us what you think!

Till then, happy parenting!!

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