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Deepti Beke
Written by Deepti Beke
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Bollywood and Hollywood movies give us travel goals for life. The scenery and the roads shown in there, make us feel like jumping in our car and leaving for a long drive immediately! However, for all practical purposes, this is really not feasible for the mere mortals like us, right? Most times, a drive from office to home on the bumpy roads seems like adventure enough! But, oh my goodness, how would it feel really experiencing the thrill of going on the narrow roads with sharp turns, a deep valley on one side, and the crushing mountains on the other, your heart stopping with the scary road in a moment and with the beautiful scenery in the next? Roads less traveled? Sounds brilliant, I know!

Driving on the dangerous roads has become the new in-thing and bikers take this challenge head-on to experience the bounty of nature!


Let’s take a hike through a few dangerous roads in today’s blog:

Khardungla pass:

When I think of dangerous roads, Khardungla pass is the first that comes to mind. Our very own Kalyani Phadke had done a bike trip to Khardungla Pass and her video gave me literal goosebumps! The pass is the highest motorable pass in the world. Khardungla pass is an entrance to the famous Nubra Valley. It remains closed annually from October to May due to severe weather conditions. It is filled with snow and that makes it slippery. Our Government has taken great efforts to improve the road however the road is still in bad shape. A ride on this road is a real thrill and it is totally worth taking the ride as what you get to see after the ride is a spectacle of nature!

Leh Manali highway:

Every bikers has this route on this on his/her to-do list. The highway bike trip is a treat as you get to see jaw dropping scenery as you drive from Manali to Leh through Tanglang La mountain pass. Hence, it is not a wonder that it is on the list of ever biker. The road, although it is a treat, is also very risky. It is filled with snow and hence very slippery. There are hairpin turns and some patches in between are really bad. Shouldn’t hurt the adventurer in you, though, right?


Himachal a hilly region is famous for its roads having hairpin curves. A road connecting to Kinnaur district is literally carved out of a rock. To add to it, are the sharp blind turns. One small error of judgment here, and you’ll be saying hello to Saint Peter (or whoever is at your Gateway to heaven!) on the other side, immediately! The risks notwithstanding, the view on this road is a sight to behold with the cliff on one side and the Baspa River flowing on the other. However, that river flows deep below and you have to bend down to see it. So, be careful when you bend down to take a peek. Landslides are very common on this road and it remains closed during the winter.

National Highway 22:

Not scared enough with the previous examples? Looking for something more exciting? Welcome to “highway to hell”! Famously known as the Hindustan-Tibet road, the scariest road in India, this road also featured on History Channel’s ‘IRT Deadliest Roads’ series. The road is at a height, has road only for a single vehicle and adding to it, its bridges and tunnels are in a very poor conditions, making it highly prone to fatal accidents. This has to turn your blood cold, please don’t tell me, it doesn’t!

Now, if you want to experience the thrill of driving in the places nearby Pune, then you can explore the Neral-Matheran road. This road is indeed a challenge to drive. The turns are sharp and the road is steep. So you need to control the speed of your vehicle and at the same time be careful at the turn. The road becomes extremely difficult to drive in rains when it’s foggy adding to the woes of the drivers.


Excited? Have we got you pumped up enough for to go for one of these in your next road trip? Excellent! Do let us know your thrilling experiences, we are waiting to hear back from you!

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