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Offbeat me time activities

offbeat me time activities
Kalyani Phadke
Written by Kalyani Phadke
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Me time should not be something you write in your list of ‘things to be done after 40’. It has to be today, everyday. Some time for yourself can give a complete different perspective on things those matter. A complete refreshed you is the best gift you can give yourself. So we came up with these amazing me time activities for self care inspiration.

We have already given you a monthly activity for each month of the year – 12 months, 12 me time resolutions!

We also helped you schedule a me time activity for each day of your busy week – Daily me time scheduler! If you have not already done it pen these down today!

You feel as if you have loads of responsibilities and absolutely no time for yourself? We have these low budget suggestions that can be squeezed in any time of your day – Selfcare in spite of more responsibilities and no money!

We also have suggestions for siphoning those 5 minutes from your extremely busy schedule and spending it for some self love – Quick me time ideas for busy mornings

things to do while social distancing

Off beat Me time activities

We have promised you there’s more! And there is! We have a list of completely offbeat me time activities, you must have never tried before. Get out of your comfort zone and try them –

1. Dance

Put on your headphones and dance to your favorite tunes.

2. Star gazing

Grab a blanket (your favourite cushion), a cup of coffee and go out on the terrace to do some star gazing. Learn more about the infinite universe around you. I am sure it will take into meditative trance.

3. Learn a new language

I have been meaning to get in touch with my french or Sanskrit. You can find a language of your choice and start learning it. You would be excited everyday to find out what new you can learn.

4. Treat yourself

When you get out of your house for some of the chores treat yourself to a pani puri or an ice cream. Sometimes not sharing is fun too!!

5. New kitchen experiment

Try something new in the kitchen which you will enjoy eating.

6. Personal day out

Bunk your office and plan a personal day out in your own city. Jot down things you have not seen, take a map, plan a route and get going! Enjoy your day with just yourself.

7. Midnight maggie

Treat yourself to a midnight maggie after everyone in the house has gone to sleep. Carry it to the terrace and enjoy it with just you as company.

8.  Watch people

Go visit a cafe and grab a cup of coffee. You can try watching people around you while you sip your coffee.

9. Plan your next solo trip

Take some time to yourself and plan your next solo travel adventure.

10. Be a kid

Decide what you want to do if you become a kid again and try doing it. It can be any small thing like colouring or going on a swing or trampoline.

11. Design your dress

Being fashion designer can be a complete offbeat me time activity. Design your own new dress by researching different styles from instagram.

12. Write letters

I read about long lost art of letter writing in Nicholas Sparks latest novel. I think its fun to write letters to people who matter to us. Take this time to yourself to write letters to your old friends, relatives, best buddies.

13. Outdoor yoga

Find a quiet place near your home and try doing some outdoor yoga. Breathing in fresh air goes a long way in reducing stress.

14. Play 21 questions

Search from the internet and ask yourself 21 questions you have never answered before. You will learn many new things about yourself. You can even jot them down in your journal.

15. Watch movie in the theatre

Go and watch movie in the theatre. Get that tub of popcorn and have the time of your life.

16. Revisit your memories

Looking at old photos, revisiting old memories can be the best me time you can give yourself. You can even plan to turn it into a scrap book.

Start planning your fun me time and wait for more offbeat me time activities for us!!

Till then Enjoy!!

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