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Newest trends in Food industry- Market mein naya hai!

Ankita Vaidya
Written by Ankita Vaidya
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Food industry is an ever evolving industry. What is trendy today, may lose its luster few months down the line. Unlike the fashion industry, where the same set of trends keep going and coming around- with a slight variation, food industry always brings out something new on to your plates. The number of ingredients to experiment with is countless- countless textures, countless colours, countless flavours and unparalleled talent. Here are a few food trends that became quite popular in the later half of this decade.


With the given pace that we are living our lives, we have little to no time to feed ourselves a lavish breakfast. Gone are the days when mothers would make eggs as per liking, toast, homefries, bacon, fresh cut fruit and fresh squeezed juices. A busy mom prefers blending up frozen berries or bananas with some probiotic yogurt, chia seeds, top it off with organic coconut sugar and some nuts. That’s a modern day breakfast for you!

Vegan cheese and milk

Due to increasing number of people with various allergies and sensitivities, dairy being one of them, there has been a huge demand for non-dairy milk and cheese. Veganism obviously contributes towards this. Cashews and nutritional yeast are used to bring out the ‘cheesy’ flavour and smooth texture. Do give it a try if you haven’t, it will not disappoint you.

Sushi platters and buffets

Colourful, flavourful sushi and sashimi is probably the most popular choice of lunch in 2019, according to a recent study. It’s easy, quick and filling, and healthy to an extent. Unlimited sushi buffets have taken the eating game to a totally next level though. Using an iPad to place orders and having an array of delicious food brought to your table is totally the highlight of this decade.

Grazing tables

Easy to feed, easy to please and easy to make! Large weddings, cocktail receptions, engagement parties- whatever be the occasion, a beautifully crafted grazing table covers each an every picky eater you have on your guest list. An assortment of cured meats, cheeses, dips, pickles, marmalade, crackers, fresh fruits, nuts, crackers, breads, chocolate- phew!! Definitely a crowd pleaser.

Ethnic cuisines

Increasing demand for vegetarian and vegan food has forced many chefs to stretch their cooking boundaries and include different ethnic foods which are originally vegan or vegetarian. Besides, the use of so many other ethnic ingredients, spice blends, cooking techniques, serving techniques has opened up the palates of customers who want to indulge in vibrant and flavourful meals. Be it Ethiopian injera or Burmese curry or Middle-eastern Za’atar. People are more aware of these ingredients and flavours than ever before.


This is an easy one. Avoiding wheat since its ‘fattening’ or because it causes various disorders or because we have developed a sensitivity or simply because gluten-free is so trendy!! Everything can be made gluten-free these days from breads to beer.

Artisan breads

Artisan breads are made using select varieties of grains like Kamut, Teff, Rye, Buckwheat, Spelt etc. Using a sourdough starter involves a bit more skill and patience, and gives the bread a beautiful flavour and texture.

Ancient grains

Ancient grains like quinoa, amaranth, millet, sorghum, teff etc are not uncommon for you if you come from a country in Africa or Asia. These probably have been a part of your regular diet. However, they are gaining popularity in the west thanks to their nutritional content and the variety of products that can be made using them- breads, crackers, soups, pancakes, beer?!


Naturally fermented foods are on the hit list for this decade. They are known to preserve and maintain a healthy gut bacteria culture. And Kombucha is a leading product when we talk of fermented foods. Scoby bacteria is used to naturally ferment the sugars in a tea or a fruit drink, making it slightly sour and fizzy. It’s a great drink to have since there is no added sugar and is loaded with gut friendly bacteria. Oh and the flavours are absolutely amazing!!

Craft beer and liquor

Instead of opting for a commercially manufactured big brand bottle of beer, lately people are into supporting local brewing businesses. Unlike in the past, when there was a huge demand for a certain kind of Cognac or Gin, which had to be imported from a particular country, lately we see the younger generation diving deep into the small batch brewed, local alcohol. Craft beer and liquor co-ops are gaining popularity without any doubt- it definitely is hip and trendy!

How many of these trends have you tried or experienced. Let us know how you liked it. Share some pictures and let the world know of your experience. Write to us or comment below. Don’t forget to use our hashtag when you post on social media. #metime. #femmefiesta.


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