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My Keto story: To Keto or not

Reshma Apte
Written by Reshma Apte
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Over the past few weeks, I have shared my 18 month keto journey and discussed various aspects of the diet. I would like to close this blog with the question that I asked myself when started my keto journey. Will keto work for me?

But, its never that easy, right? The first few words of that statement “When I started my keto” are so misleading. Because by the time any of us have any real control over our dietary intake, we are usually well into our 20s, if not older. One might decide to give keto a shot today. The reality is that it takes a good 6-8 weeks of eating the keto way in a dedicated manner. So it is 6-8 weeks before one can see significant inch loss. And more importantly other people start commenting/complimenting one on it. Plus, there is the dreaded keto flu to get through.

Let me address each of these points individually.

1. Challenges with Keto no different than other diets

First of all, if we are honest, we’ve all been on some sort of health journey all our lives. It is either because we wanted to try a new way of life or weight loss approach that a friend of family member had tried and succeed with. Or maybe because we read/saw it somewhere on tv or social media. So, this is not a new battle for any of us. But, the challenges and rewards, as well as the speed with which one gets them on keto is very different than on any other diet. So, do your research to understand the diet first hand and then give it enough time before judging its effectiveness.

2. Involve your family in the decision

Secondly, we are so quick to give away control over our lives. Or, more specifically, to make excuses for bad choices by claiming to not have a choice about things. If you involve your family in your decision to try the low carb way, explain to them your learnings from your research and talking to health professionals about this way of life and ask them to give you a three month window to try this out, nine times out of ten, people will work with you! Also, because Indian meals are really easy to make keto, it’s really not that difficult to keep keto even within a family situation where potentially no one else is following that way of eating.

3. Don’t be scared of the Keto Flu

Thirdly, a huge deal is made of the keto flu, but a large part of that is psychological. From personal experience, if you take it a day at a time, drink a lot of water and eat as much as you are allowed of proteins and fats, the discomfort, if any, will be mild. Even if it is a little more intense, drinking plenty of water and staying active will help relieve the symptoms and if you stick with it for a week to two weeks, the positive side effects will significantly outweigh the negatives. Finally, even though the inch loss will take some time to be apparent, health benefits like a calmer digestive system, better skin, better hair and nails, better sleep and feeling awake and energized through-out the day, will make themselves known within a couple of weeks!

And all keto followers and professionals recommend keeping an eye on your health parameters. So, get your bloodwork, particularly your blood profile done every six months. If you are doing things right, everything should be well within normal range.

Ultimately everything one does or doesn’t do, is a choice. You have to weigh the pros and cons of your options and decide which way you want to go. Personally, I would highly recommend trying the low carb way, if keto seems too hard. You’ve already tried several different ways to lose the kilos, so if this fails, it will be just another experience you tried out, but if it works? You will have literally found the magic pill to great health!

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