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Misplaced feminism – What We Want Girls To Do (And Where We Are Going Wrong)

Nisha Joshi
Written by Nisha Joshi

I come across many feminists nowadays, both male and female. All talk of equality and equity. Whether they practice it in real life is a moot point. But everyone wants to be politically correct. Whether this is real or just a case of misplaced feminism?

Before we proceed, let’s talk about what feminism is.

What is feminism?

For years, women have been oppressed and subjected to subhuman treatment. In fact, even today, in some places cows and dogs are treated better than women. To overcome this oppression, the modern, outgoing and educated women voice their displeasure against unfair practices and call out patriarchy wherever they come across it.

In feminism, the important thing to remember is that no gender is greater or lesser than the others. All are equal and should be given equal opportunities to succeed. While this sounds very nice on paper, in real life, practicing feminism is a lot more difficult. It means facing up to a lot of people and telling them that they are wrong. Also, it means making yourself strong and resilient. And it means making your daughters equal to your sons.

And sadly, this is where I think we fall short.

Striving harder

We want our girls to excel at everything – studies, sports, fashion, and career. And we want them to be better than boys. So, we push them hard. We enroll them in extra classes. We never buy pink clothes for them.

But in our race to become a feminist, do we remember that they are children too? They need as much unstructured, uncontrolled playtime as any other child.

No, we hardly consider this.

Misplaced equality

We teach our girls to cook and ride a bike as we do our boys. Sometimes we give them cars to play and are upset if they demand dolls. We teach girls to change cylinders and do basic plumbing and electrical work. No longer is changing a tire or a light bulb a man’s job.

As they grow up, even mothers are expected to work and take care of the home as well. If a man is unable to do it, he’s excused. Plus, have you noticed that most people’s house-helps are women?

I’ve recently seen more and more girls smoking and drinking. They reason with feminism and equality in case someone questions these habits. Shocking, ain’t it? But this is reality and this is what we call misplaced feminism!

What is real feminism?

Instead, why don’t you teach your daughter to stand on her own legs when she has no support?

To raise her voice against injustice, either herself or others? And to be more empathetic to others’ needs?

Is it so hard for a healthy woman to stand in public transport instead of seeking out a seat just because she’s of the female gender?

There is a very thin line between being a feminist and being a feminazi. In our quest for misplaced equality, we are fearfully becoming the latter!

Try to make your children understand this simple fact, and you’ll ensure that the future generations are more mature and wiser than we have ever been.

Be a proud feminist and not a feminazi!

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