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Minimalist living: Chaos vs order

Kalyani Phadke
Written by Kalyani Phadke
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This month we are talking about an awesome life of a minimalist!! I am trying to implement. Believe me, I am trying hardest. Few doubts creep in, though at hardest of times!!

Decluttering kids’ things

I start cleaning my kids cupboards. I find messy colouring sheets, some awesome diary made up of chits filled with utter nonsense, hundreds of letters written to friends and not delivered, work in progress of greeting cards, half made poetry, entire acrylic colour bottle tumbled on the colour sheet, chits of prospective quizzes and what not!! My immediate thoughts are few years down the line, if my kids leave this house (for whatever reason – higher studies, living alone, etc) – wont these be really useful? Should I really be throwing them away?

Decluttering my own things

Then I think I will have better luck cleaning my own cupboard. There I stumble upon old greeting cards, couple of diaries, an old dress that actually does not belong to me but my sister, extremely old scarf from my mother, single ear rings stored only for the memories they are attached with, letters from my best friend, an old-never-ever-throw-away key chain gifted by a dear friend, an old school book, report cards and again what not? Everything has a memory attached to it. Can I declutter these memories? Do I crave that simple life, where none of this is available?

Decluttering family owned things

I turn to kitchen which is my mother in law’s arena. I find many things those have absolutely no use and can be easily thrown away. But then she starts with the stories attached to each of them with a sparkle in her eyes and we forget that we are sitting there to decide about decluttering.

When I go for shopping, may it be a dress or groceries, sometimes I do feel like giving in to my desires and buy extremely unnecessary items or quantities! Its a proof that I can be crazy sometimes, its a proof that I am afterall a human.

Relationships can give you immense baggage of all the time. So that is my biggest doubt – can you be a minimalist in any relationship? Can you declutter unwanted relationship and keep only the ones you want? Probably not!! Coz this is life!!

I have insisted on reducing clutter from the house as much as possible, which is absolutely true. But it cannot be at the cost of these memories. I need to create a balance between chaos and order. I need to learn that order is not always simple and better way of living, sometimes chaos is much better!!

What do you think? [Also read Part 3 here and part 5 here!]

I learnt how to do this from Marie Kondo and her book of ‘The Life changing Magic of Tidying up

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