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Keto Story: The Supplement Angle

Reshma Apte
Written by Reshma Apte
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In my past few posts I’ve covered the various aspects of a keto lifestyle. This brings us to the finer points now – the little things that scare people away from keto. Things like hair loss, muscle pain etc.

Side effects:

In the first few weeks of being on keto diet plan, the body is adjusting to a new fuel (ketones instead of glucose). It is also adjusting to what feels like a restricted diet, because one goes cold turkey on old standards like rice, bread, potato, etc. As a result, the body reacts in different ways including muscle pain, stomach pain/upset, hair loss, etc.

It’s important to know this happens, so one is prepared. In addition, you need to drink a lot more water than most people normally do. As the body gets used to the diet, you urinate a lot more, thereby losing a lot of electrolytes and minerals. You need to replenish it to avoid dehydration.


In order to ensure continuing good health as the inches start to melt off, one needs to follow specific steps. For example, I start my day with half to one litre of warm or hot (depending on the weather) mixed with lemon juice and salt. Years of college/grad school lifestyle meant that I got used to having endless cups of coffee. Over time the caffeine effect of waking one up no longer happens, and it’s more of just a habit. Coffee consumption is limited on keto. So, having water with lemon and salt fulfills my psychological need to have something hot and liquid in the morning.

Thereafter I have a potassium citrate capsule and omega 3 capsules. As the body gets used to keto sometimes one tends to catch a cold/fall sick. Having omega 3 helps to shore up one’s immunity. At night before sleeping, I have vitamin E, C, Biotin to help prevent hair loss, Calcium (citrate or shelcal), Fish Oil and Magnesium citrate to ensure good sleep.

Take care of your body:

While this seems like a lot, I personally feel like I’m taking much better care to ensure that I’m taking all necessary vitamins and minerals by doing this. As a result of adopting keto lifestyle strictly and consuming these supplements religiously my hair, skin, nails and sleep are better than they’ve ever been. And this is on top of the inches that continue to melt away!

I want to stress here that this is the routine that I follow and that works for my body, but one should always consult a medical professional or a keto dietician before embarking on this diet, at least to begin with. As you read up and talk to the professionals over time you will get a sense of what works for you, and then you can tweak the diet to fit your goals and/or lifestyle.

I found a nice video that seemed perfect to share with you gals. Although some of the items are not something we consume as Indians, just take in the total schedule that is followed by the girl. Do go through and let me know if this feels as attractive to you as it does to me! I’ll be back next week. Till then, stay fit, stay beautiful!

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