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If moms were responsible for running the world..

Nisha Joshi
Written by Nisha Joshi
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Being a mom is one of the toughest jobs of the world. We don’t say so; a survey has proven this to be a fact. After being a mom, in fact, many women feel capable of doing anything! Indeed, after facing endless tantrums and playing doctor/teacher/referee/nurse/scheduler/nutritionist/chef/organizer etc. to a child, there’s almost nothing you cannot do.

So what would happen to the world if moms took over? Here’s what we think:

Work-life balance would improve

In developing countries like India, work-life balance is non-existent. The most common complaint of a stay-at-home mom is that the man of the house doesn’t give enough time towards the home and child. Now, if moms were leaders, they would make sure that fathers had enough time to devote to the family, too.

Lesser booze

As if it is not enough to come home late, some dads take up boozing as an important activity too. So, instead of coming home from office, they might vanish off to some bar with friends and come home at an unearthly hour. Or if there’s a bar at home, it’s even worse. After a while, it becomes tiring to see your man downing glass after glass, while you’re waiting for him to eat dinner. If moms were in charge of the world, boozing dads would be kept in check, definitely.

More paternity leave

While mothers get long maternity leaves, new fathers hardly get a week after the baby is born. Doesn’t anyone see how unfair this is? It is as if the government has decided that the father does not have to be with his baby, or the baby doesn’t require the love and time of his dad. If moms ruled the world, it woutbe a different story altogether. Dads would get equal or at least, more leaves. This way, they too will get some time to be with their babies.

Limited screen time

Do you know what most dads do once they come home? They “catch up” on their gaming and social media instead of actually talking and spending time with people at home. So many moms are frustrated by this behaviour. Dads justify this by saying that they hardly get to hold their phones all day during work. If only moms had control of important stuff, there would be fixed times for spending time on the phone or watching TV.

Equality at work

Working moms are often overlooked during appraisals and promotions. The general misconception is that working mothers are less attentive towards work and more towards their children. Scientific research has proven that this is not true. In fact, mothers are better workers because they have mastered the art of multitasking and putting things through in a systematic way. They also accomplish more in the same time. But working moms are usually accused of not working long hours. Nobody mentions the fact that others sit around after hours because they have nothing to do at home, or simply because they took too many breaks and couldn’t complete their work on time. If moms had the reins of leadership in their hands, they would ensure equal pay and better work environment.

Do you agree? What do you think would change if moms were responsible for running the world? Tell us your ideas.

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