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Hyderabad- A complete treat!

Deepti Beke
Written by Deepti Beke
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Mom… my exams are over. Have you planned anything for the Diwali vacations? Are we going out somewhere for a trip?”
“Oh! I haven’t done that… With the exam’s tension and my busy schedule didn’t get time to plan anything!”
“Let’s go to some place where I can run around and enjoy,” said my little one.
And then I put on my thinking cap! Where shall we go in the vacations? A place where both we parents as well as kids can enjoy. Last minute reservations and a short quick holiday were my constraints.
I quickly narrowed down on a place. Hyderabad it was! Easy to travel, plenty of options to stay, a plethora of activities for kids and some wonderful shopping avenues for me. What more could I ask for?

How to reach:

​Hyderabad is well connected with Mumbai and Pune thanks to the IT evolution. There are overnight buses, flights and trains. And if you want a flight like experience in a train then try the Pune- Secunderabad Shatabdi express.

Where to stay:

​There are plenty of options available as per your budget in Hyderabad and the neighbouring Secunderabad.

What to see:

​You can enjoy up to 4-5 days easily in Hyderabad, without getting bored even slightly. There are plenty of places where kids can enjoy –

  • Hyderabad zoo: One of the best zoo in the country, this place is a house to many wild animals. So all the animals that you have perhaps seen only in the books can be seen here. The zoo is so huge that you will get tired walking around. Do take the battery operated vehicle ride if you think the kids will get tired walking.
  • Birla Science Centre and Birla planetarium: The science museum explains science in the easy way to the kids. The planetarium is amongst the best in the world and the cosmic presentation given here is better than those in the other parts of the world. Your visit to Hyderabad would be incomplete without visiting this amazing place!
  • Sudha Car Museum: A hidden gem in Hyderabad is the car museum. It is a treat for the car lovers! If your kid is a car lover then I bet they would not be ready to come out. You must have seen museums with antique cars, but have you seen cars in every possible form. Like a bridal dress car or a jewelry car or even a car in shape of a commode. There are bicycles too of 30 different designs! The cars are prepared from waste materials and the best part is that they are operational too!
  • Ramoji Film City: An entire day excursion, Ramoji city is the Indian version of the Universal Studios. The movie sets, shows, amusement park are a complete treat! Do plan a day here and both you and your kids will have a blast! You can stay at the in-house hotels Tara and Sitara to witness the royalty and see the beauty of place at night!
  • Salarjung Museum: A museum where you can spend even an entire day! A very well planned museum houses the best artifacts in the country. There are various sections and multiple floors and be prepared to have a good walk!
  • Lumbini park show: Beautiful water fountains with a lovely Lazer show. This is perhaps one of the first Lazer show in the country that can also give Singapore’s Sentosa Island water show, a run for its money.
  • Hussain Sagar Lake: If you are tired roaming around, take a break and enjoy the boating in the calm waters of Hussain Sagar Lake. There is a huge Buddha statue in the middle of the lake and a trip here is a must to watch the sheer beauty of the gigantic statue.
  • Golconda Fort: A fort easy to climb, this place is indeed a treat for children and adults both alike. Take a guide to hear the history of the place. Don’t miss the light and sound show as history comes alive in the voice of none other than Amitabh Bacchan! A word of caution: wear full clothes, and carry a mosquito repellant with you, as the place is swarming with these pests in the evening time. Don’t let them ruin the beautiful show in front of you!
  • NTR Gardens: Built in a massive area of 36 acres, NTR gardens is an absolute treat to the kids. There is a children’s play area, boat ride, train ride, a Japanese garden, and a desert garden. There are beautiful structures constructed in the garden, beautiful tree house, fountains and various food joints as well. You name it and you have it here!

There are many other things to see well like the Birla temple, snow world, Charminar etc. Select what you as a family will enjoy the most.

What to eat:

​You would be spoilt for choice even here too! While non-veg lovers vouch for the kebabs, haleem and biryani in Hyderabad, veg lovers too can’t stop talking about the amazing food here!

Shoppers Delight:

​Hyderabad is again an absolute delight for the shoppers! You have variety of options in all budgets. So if you have the likes of Mangatrai for best quality pearls, you can have Zaveri bazaar where you can shop at dirt cheap rates. If you have Nalli for buying expensive sarees, you also have Chennai Silk to buy sarees at cheap rates. So isn’t Hyderabad an absolute treat for us girls too!


​When we travel as a family, we create memories. Diwali vacations are round the corner and this would be a perfect opportunity for you to make some more!
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