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Hobbit land – New Zealand

Deepti Beke
Written by Deepti Beke
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People are so crazy of The Hobbit that it has even surpassed Lord of the Rings in the collection. The story of hobbits, dwarfs and dragons intrigued the world. What people could only talk about were the sweeping landscapes of the Middle Earth.

These landscapes can be part of your awesome travel to New Zealand. Let’s learn how in today’s blog:

Hobbiton, Matamata:

This is truly a Mecca for Hobbit fans. The director Peter Jackson was in search of a place with mountain, a lake and a tree. He found exactly what he wanted right here in New Zealand. Set among green pastures, Bilbo and Frodo found home.

The local tour explains how the movie was made and how the filmmakers enabled the actors who played hobbits to look small enough to fit the part. The Hobbit holes are the major attraction. You would be astonished to see a tree that appears to be a real tree but is only made up of fake leaves, a moss that is made up of cement.The tour guide explains you all the interesting facts about shooting the movie.

There is also a Green Dragon Inn where you can actually drink ale and eat beef and ale pie and the Party Tree.


This place, with its limestone rock formations, cliffs and forest, looks as if it was specially created for Middle Earth. Piopio was used as location for Trollshaws Forest and Staddles Farm where a number of scenes from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey were shot.

Pelorus River, Marlborough

Remember the spot where the dwarves made a escape by floating down the river in barrels? The director Peter Jackson had visited this spot as a child. So, when he thought of the scene, he remembered this exact spot. There are kayak tours which take you to the exact spot where the scene was shot. This place is famous amongst the adventurist as this a a hiking spot. You can hike up a peak, hike to a rock pool or take the adventure of traversing a narrow swing bridge and cross the river.

Fiordland National Park:

The shot when Eagles fly over Bilbo and escape the orcs was shot over the mountains in Fiordland and the place doubled as Fangom Forest in the movie. The national park is a rainforest which has mountains and lakes, so the visit to this exotic location is a must. You can explore the forest on the horseback just like Gandalf!

Lake Pukaki and Mount Cook:

The clear turquoise lake in The Desolation of Smaug is Lake Pukaki. It is located at the base of the tallest mountain in New Zealand i.e. Mount Cook. The place is a must go for hikers with beautiful Pine trees, glaciers along with stunning views of Mount Cook.

Turoa, Ruapehu:

The entrance to the lonely mountain was shot here. Rocky slopes and grassy land make this a famous spot amongst the cyclist and the hikers. The Tongariro crossing a trail through craters, volcanic rocks,lakes is considered as the best one day walk in the world. The area is also a popular ski destination.

Such is the Hobbit fever in New Zealand that Air New Zealand gas designed Hobbit-themed Boeing planes. They have also created a special flight safety video having characters from the movie.

New Zealand is a beautiful country and with such a treat for Hobbit fans wouldn’t you love to add it to your travel list?

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