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How To Celebrate His Quarantine Birthday In Swag!

Quarantine birthday
Written by Shruti
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Where the world is yet recovering from the gloom of being quarantined, the most hit are the upcoming April Quarantine birthdays! With closed doors and closed contacts, social distancing is not just irritating but growing frustration in the birthday babies’ hearts!

While the world stays distant from your April baby, bring him his sunshine which he will ever carry in his heart! A birthday to remember and a birthday of memories to last lifelong!!

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In the plight of COVID-19, here’s bringing bottles of happiness to your partner’s face!

1. Pull In His Friend’s To Hold Placards

Co-ordinate with his buddies to make his D-day go special as they hold placards with letters depicting ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’!

Nothing brings more happiness to your guy than his friends! And you going a mile ahead with his favorite will only bring him more reasons to smile on his day.

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2. Make A Quarantine Birthday Video

Bring cute messages all over his friends and family while you build a video message for your guy!

Warm wishes pouring in his living room is all he deserves as he embarks his new year ahead in these testing times of gloom!

3. Decorate Your Home With Candles and Lights

Be it the candles or the balloons you have in that closet, ribbons to building flowers, make all your resources work as you light up his day with memories and blossoms!

If nothing works, light up diyas across the room!

Don’t forget to sing the Happy Birthday song loud and crisp as he enters your decorated room!

Even being distant with the world, make him feel at the top of the world!

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4. Bring Biscuit Cake To Rescue your Quarantine birthday celebration

While the quarantine time might have ripped your kitchen already and leaving no ingredients to bake a home cake, bring biscuits to your rescue.

Here’s a quick recipe to dig in to set things perfect for him!

5. Bring In The Best Host In You For Him

Ring his birthday with apps like Zoom and House Party while you present him the most happening party of his year!

Raise a toast with friends and blow candles with relatives, bring in the breakfast with family and get an amazing birthday pampering all day long!

A long movie marathon with soft drinks to get drunk on and a beautiful lazy day with you on the couch!

There would be no better birthday for him than this for his entire life!

Girls, this quarantine spread oodles of love on him ! Celebrate his Quarantine birthday in style! Winks!

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