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Handy Dressing Prep For Cracking That HR Round!

Written by Shruti

When we say knowledge quenches the look test and paves the way to success, you are wrong buddy! Because; enough brains to qualify yet drowning the boat at the HR round are real examples!

Be it the corporate teach or the real world masked with all the social morals, the way you dress matters and affects your personality for all the rights and wrong reasons.

Thus, while you are busy plotting your brain game and the case studies to crack the interviews; do not forget, the company see’s you from a prospective employee view and will monitor you from head to toe!

Know the secret to reach a HR’s heart and climb your next round with management with these secret weapons of dressing!

1. Wear Soothing Colors

And this works magic!

Once your interview is scheduled, the first thing is; set aside your pallet colors.

Put the dark and funky shades in a corner and wear the pretty lighter ones’ if you want to catch the HR’s eyes without having any judgements created about you!

Yes, darker shades will only portrait an impulsive version of you and you don’t want that, right?

2. Indulge in Plains Than Designs

As you accomplish the first criteria, here comes the second!

Avoid block designs and heavy patterns on your dress.

Clothes reflect personality and wearing dark colors or funky designs will reflect an impatient and self-centered personality!

3. Wear Appropriate Shoes

While you get in the cabin, it should you who should do the talking and not the shoes!

Choose your shoes well before you go in for your interview rounds.

A pair of good formal wear could burn a hole in your pocket but won’t be waste in the long run.

4. Formals Are Trend

Kurtis and sarees are comforting but not appealing to the corporate structure demanding professionalism from you!

While Indian wear is put in the criteria for office wear, however, it is not considered serious to work in the 24*7 environment!

Ladies, start shopping before you go ahead with the job hopping.

5. A Decent Handbag And A Folder To Tuck In Your Documents

Do not have a clutter look having too many things to hold in your hand.

This not only creates a shabby look but also presents you as a messed-up person and a non-desirable candidate for employment.

Put all your documents in a compact folder while you keep your phone in your hand-bag and enter the room with a pleasing smile.

And while you tick-off this bucket, don’t forget to exchange greetings with smiling eyes as you proceed with your dream interview ahead!

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