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Our Engagement Playlist For Your ‘Aww’ Moment!

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Written by Shruti
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With all the fun and frolic, weddings are a crazy experience!! Engagements can be made special with our special playlist playing in the back ground!

The winter wedding season has arrived with bang-on celebrations. Your besties must have already started with the most complicated choreography to make you feel special. Don’t forget your real golden moment as you slip in rings to each other declaring the #taken moment!!

While the audience raises claps and whistles as he bows down to you, here are some beautiful tracks to run at the background to make your ring ceremony a true magical experience!

Playlist #1: Moh Moh Ke Dhage

Are you one of those emotional brides and want all the people around you feel the butterflies you have been carrying in you all the while?

Then this one sets the atmosphere right!

Playlist #2: Pehli Nazar Ne Aisa Jadu Kar Diya

A beautiful song with the punch lyrics on; a background of this will make all your dating memories come alive! Winks!!

Playlist #3: Mainu Ishq Tera Lae Dooba

Again, a soulful song with relatable lyrics, this song will flow with the moment recreating romance while you slip rings to eternity!

Playlist #4: Jeena Jeena

A perfect song to enter one other’s lives, listen to this Badlapur sound track before you decide upon the background song!

Playlist #5: Ban Ja Tu Meri Rani

Technically, one more proposal before you turn his queen! Winks!!

A funky track with the audience roaring with woos is all set for your engagement, right?


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