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Funky New Year Resolutions

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Written by Shruti
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2019 was fun! And with a day left for the loveliest year bidding goodbyes, are we all set ready for 2020 with a boom? Have you thought about any new year resolutions?

With the old fitness resolutions which stand for a week or two and the career goal check-list going in bins just as the appraisals are done; here is the cool funky and followable new year resolution checklist to help to you feel fresh and fine as the year goes along its pace!

1. Set Aside A Portion Of Your Earnings To Your Untouched Travel Bucket

With wanderlust being the biggest thing in and swamping the internet on fire, make your way to the most beautiful location in your bucket list by saving a few bucks each month and giving yourselves the best vacation of your lives!

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2. Learn Investments To Set Them Right

With a pool of investment options available in the new era markets, making a wise decision is a task!

And with 2020 placing in and you entering the brand-new decade, it’s time to gear up and tie your laces to take up those investment books in hands to understand your-type of investment needs.

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3. Take Driving Lessons

Because travelling via public transport might be a cost-saver, but upgrading your skills could turn to be a timesaver as well a lifesaver during odd hours of your commute!

This new year, make every effort to be independent!

4. Build Your We-Time Calendar

Setting a resolution to stick to your relations will make you feel more connected, happier and conquered.

Be it with your Bae or your parents, construct a logical We-Time Calendar to make time for those special occasions to make them memorable!

Plus, planning will only open those advance booking discount gates to make more room for your targeted savings!

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5. Take Out Time For Quick Naps Breaks

In the worldly business juggling the professional and party life, don’t forget to pamper yourselves to sleep.

Try that desk-sleeping post lunch than going for long tea-breaks to rejuvenate yourselves!

Or; Instead of watching television and grabbing movie tickets every weekend, schedule your 8 hours of difficult to get sleep and experience that great difference to your lifestyle this passing year on!!

Girls, say Hi to 2020, with these not-at-all difficult-to-follow resolutions in hand!

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