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#India Travel Series

1) Kumarakom

About 94 kms from the city of Kochi, you will find this beautiful lake city called Kumarakom. The lovely mangroves, coconut trees and lush green rice fields on the banks of Vembanad lake will captivate you during this trip. The food, temples, the rickshaw ride, lazy boat ride, Kalaripayattam, the music and Kathakali – you can experience every bit of Kerala culture here in Kumarakom. So let’s browse through top things to see and experience in this enchanting Kumarakom.

#USA Travel Series

1) Las Vegas

Neha, our USA travel vlogger, got married in 2018 and a year went by with the blink of an eye! While she celebrated her honeymoon at Maui-a beautiful Hawaiian island, she wanted something grand for her anniversary too! And what would be a better way to celebrate the special day than at one of the most exotic destinations in the world –  Las Vegas! Read more about it it in our blog – Its Vegas time!

2) San Diego

Remember the story we had in school of a sea lion gate crashing a party and the chaos caused thereby.Our vlogger Neha had also read this story and wanted to see the sea lions in real. So when she got a long weekend at hand she immediately headed to San Diego which has many attractions one of which is La Jolla Cove which is the house to sea lions. Read our blog here.

3) Los Angeles

Neha, our USA travel vlogger, visited Los Angeles recently and created this vlog!

Los Angeles or LA is the 2nd most populated city in United States of America after New York. You would get a quirky, bohemian vibe in this city. This place is pretty famous and touristy especially because of its Hollywood connection. Read more here!

4) Chicago, Illinois

We had a lot of fun traveling with our vlogger Neha to various places in California. Now she has decided to take you to her favourite place in USA, which is Chicago in Illinois.

Chicago is close to her heart as it is where she completed her studies, met her husband and now her favorite brother stays there with his wife and daughter. It is the place where she became independent, got a job and stayed on her own and made many new friends. I am sure she is ecstatic to show you around. (Blog)

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