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Every Girl Must Watch Chhapaak movie

Nisha Joshi
Written by Nisha Joshi
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Deepika Padukone starrer Chhapaak released on the 10th of January. It is based on the true story of Laxmi Agarwal, an acid attack survivor. Deepika has produced the movie as well.

The Plot – Chhapaak movie

Malti Agarwal (Deepika Padukone) is a 19-year-old simple girl. When she ignores the advances of her family friend, Guddu, he throws acid on her face out of spite.

What follows is a painful yet inspiring account of how Malti overcomes all hurdles and also manages to help acid attack survivors too. She refused to bow down like other victims of similar crimes do. Instead, she chose to fight back against the injustice, going through equally painful law suits and surgeries side-by-side.

It is not her story alone, however. The movie also talks about how the family, friends, doctors, police and social workers together make life easier for a survivor.

Life is privileged

Young women, in recent times, have become more and more vulnerable. No girl, irrespective of age and location, can walk alone on the streets after dark. While rapes and murders are often publicized by the media, acid attacks are very relevant too. There was a recent attack in December 2019.

The reason for these attacks are mostly similar – the girl didn’t reciprocate the “love” of the boy or the girl didn’t consent to sex. In one horrifying case, a husband attacked his wife who was talking of a divorce. According to him, the attack would make her dependent on him as she would not be able to get married again.

Such deeply rooted patriarchal mindsets are at the base of such behaviour. What is more shocking is that many women themselves support these acts, comparing it favourably to rape or murder.

Young women sometimes forget to be happy with what they have. Any amount of clothes they might have, they still think they have nothing to wear. Same goes for accessories. They are dissatisfied with their lives, work and spouses/boyfriends.

Whenever you feel your life is going wrong, when, in fact, everything is perfectly alright, think of Malti Agarwal once. Think of that 19-year-old who had her entire life before her and was reduced to an object by a random boy. When compared to her, we are living extremely privileged lives indeed.

Why should you see Chhapaak movie?

I feel that all women should watch Chhapaak because it gives you a new perspective on life. One single hurdles in life is not the end of life. Instead, it could be the stepping stone for you to improve your thinking and lifestyle. Why not? Do we fall after every obstacle? Do we not struggle and get up?

Life can bog you down sometimes; in fact, it often does.But that does not mean that it should be the end of your dreams and aspirations.

Sometimes, nothing feels worthwhile. It seems better to give it up than start all over again. You can always learn something new from your experiences. You’re always learning, remember that.

Learn to look for little happiness. Your kid smiling at you, your husband praising your food, having a cupboard full of clothes and a pantry with food, a roof to live under, all are your happiness. Count your blessings and be happy.

Let each of us promise to be unfazed by minor glitches and strive to be satisfied always.

Did you see Chhapaak? Did you like it? What are your thoughts on this topic? Write to us in the comments below!

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