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Dear Budget 2020, what women want..

Written by Shruti
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Another year down and we have another routine of another budget rolled out. Budget 2019 is done and dusted and now we wait for Budget 2020.

The nation was glued to their seats to rejoice the government’s proposals. But, it was an almost a no big deal day for women, termed as Pink Population! This better half of the population was unhappy as our finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman spoke not much about us!

A few additions and major subtractions with no major multiplications, the budget looked nothing but a mere formality.

Where we are cribbing to the not so good for lifestyle budget, here are the key areas overlooked by the Ministry. We look forward to a better Budget 2020 to pour in finances and make India a woman-oriented democracy!

1. Sanitary Hygiene

There is an increase in striking demand to have a positive sex ratio. With it we also need a positivism towards the budget of sanitary hygiene. Also, Budget 2020 needs to focus on the not so very good toilets and the facilities provided for the open public.

Finance Minister, please splurge on this area while you reduce the sanitary napkin prices to make them affordable to every rural area!

2. More Employment Quota

Gender equality is still stuck in lost in the gender stereotypes and we as a country of democracy should rise our bars from the stagnant society!

Make more strict and mandatory laws of recruiting women in the organization and half the race of the unjust is run!

We want to see women in all sectors and spheres of the society; just as we now have our first woman finance minister on board!!

3. Road Safety

With employment will come travels and let’s not make this a challenge for us!

We need to prove ourselves at work and sitting late nights has become a routine for a majority of us. Let not the travel be a hurdle in our way to promotions and achievements.

We want more funds towards a safe and secure transport. Let the pink cabs and mahila buses be available at every niche and corners of the country. Let the hours not be a trouble for us.

4. More In-House Policies At Workplace

Bring in fair maternity and creche policies across the country. Make it possible for every woman to join her force with a liberal mind and not with guilt of leaving her responsibility at home.

Because a mentally fit woman can be a best asset for the organization and we would like to stand an example for this!

5. Stringent Policies For Sexual Harassment

Make domestic violence and marital rape and every other unacceptable advance towards a woman a legalized non-bailable offence with heavy penalties.

Be it her workplace where she keeps numb, thanks to her promotion on cards or her own safe home, let her not suffer in silence from now on.

6. Loans

An overdraft facility will not add our dreams a true success unless we give her the trust and pour in faith in the venture.

Give in more wings to her. Bring in more micro and macro credit facilities to the existing ones. Budget 2020 should finance her and make her take an initiative towards India’s GDP.

7. Policies Supporting Women Empowerment

Be it live-in-relationships or the abortion issues, women are often targeted as indecent creatures and made vulnerable to face the society. High time we respect them. If not through societal behavior then through the legal norms of policies. These policies will put a stop to the blabbering mouths. They will support and shield our moral and legal rights as a woman!

Because, it’s time India syncs with the woman lifestyle needs!


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