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Black Friday for Indians

Nisha Joshi
Written by Nisha Joshi

Black Friday just went by on November 29th, 2019.

While we were engaged in excitedly looking at the best deals and seeing who will be the CM of Maharashtra, the day was truly black for a girl named Priyanka Reddy.

Priyanka Reddy was a veterinarian from Hyderabad. She was going home after attending a doctor’s conference. She noticed that her bike tyre was punctured. It was 9 pm and she called her sister and told her that she was scared.

A lorry driver offered to help her get her tyre repaired. The poor girl trusted this man only to end up being gang-raped and burned alive and dumped at the outskirts of the city.

Discovered by a milkman on the flyover, the police immediately mobilized and nabbed the murderers. 1 out of the 4 arrested is still a minor, apparently, and the others are between 20-25 years old.


What is India coming to? Is it becoming a place where women or even female children cannot step out? Day in and day out we hear if minors being raped and killed.

Dr. Priyanka Reddy was a veterinarian. But I’m sure she could have trusted animals more than the animals in the form of human beings.


Black Friday: The Media Coverage

The media got a breaking news kind of story and promptly went into the overdrive. Every news channel and newspaper is feverishly covering the news, posting updates for us to know.

It will last a while before the media gets its next tidbit. Then this rape will be forgotten. After all, there are rapes happening daily in India.

The alleged rapists and murderers will undergo court trial and there will be public outcry asking for castration and hanging. Once they are sentenced, the public too will move on.

Till it happens again.

Is there no way to make women safer in our country?

Has India turned Rape-public from a Republic?


Not another Black Friday: What We Can Do To Keep Ourselves Safe?

There’s only so much the police can do, and in India, the police does not have the promptitude we’d like them to have. By the time they reach the scene of the complaint, the event might already have happened.

Everyone makes noises about self-defense too. But how many of us actually go to self-defense classes? Nobody has the time or the inclination to actually enrol in one. After all, it is happening to some other Priyanka Reddy.

But we have to do something. Women need to empower themselves.

  1. Carry a pepper spray Always, ALWAYS keep a pepper spray on your person. If you see someone acting suspiciously near you, keep it at the ready. Spray hard and get away.
  2. Learn self-defense Even if you have no time, even if you’re swamped in work, take out a little time to learn self-defense. There are plenty of videos online through which you can learn from home too.
  3. Keep your close ones in the loop Inform your friends and family periodically about your whereabouts and your plans. If there is any change in plan, inform them immediately. Apps like WhatsApp and Google maps allow you to share your location with your close ones as well. Use the feature liberally.


Any more you can add? I can only think of these. These or be at home and never travel alone.

Let’s pray for Dr. Priyanka Reddy and hope that India becomes a better place to live in in the future. You may also read – Justice for Priyanka Reddy)

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