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Believe In Her Powers

Written by Shruti
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Where she stands up on her own terms and makes it big; we have this amazing societal discouraging words to drop her morals, shatter her hopes and make her weak in her knees…

Where her alarming confidence is a threat to their own being, get up to support your girls, parents!

They deserve every bit of the clap they earn at that male-dominated workplace, every bit of appreciation they earned for their hard-achievements like a son get with those open arms and welcoming smile.

They deserve your faith when people shout ‘Hath Se Nikal Jayegi!’

Whether aspiring to be a pilot, air-hostess model or a sports person or anything out of the societal box, when the crowd demeans her, you make your sparkling eyes give her the lost answers she is searching for!

Where the hardest thing to do is to follow your own wisdom, if parents of Geeta Phogat, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Deepika Padukone, Kalpana Chawla, Rujuta Diwekar and the endless names had thought about this glamourous gossip-oriented society, we would not have cherished these ladies, our country wouldn’t have the golds without them, we wouldn’t have India’s name on the global front!

Being a stereotype, the society has already divided the world pink and blue, let’s not make education and profession get these boundaries!

There are many times, rather most times, when ignoring criticism will make you much more effective than paying attention to it. Here’s why refusing to listen to criticism or maybe blocking it out the first place might help you!

Don’t hold her tight when she has the power to make the world bright!

Love her. Cherish her. Celebrate her.

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